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9.11 RMA and Refunds


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Highlighting any Invoice will light up the Refund icon for you to process a Return, Exchange or Refund within Tradepoint for a Completed Invoice.

The screen you see below is an example of a Refund screen for an Invoice with multiple items on that Invoice. The option to choose specific items and whether or not they are exchanged or just returned is also available.

Check boxes and drop down menus are available to specify which items are being returned and in what condition. Your Reimbursement Type can be customized through the Blue Plus icon next to the field where you will be redirected to the exact field in the Setup and Configure Tool to add a new Refund Type.

Tradepoint supports manual Refunds where the details of the refunded items are processed within Tradepoint however any payment is processed through another interface.

RMAs and Refunds are processed on the payment screen of an Invoice that has been completed and payment has already been processed for.
Within a Refund product properties supported here include:

  • Whether or not an item is being returned or exchanged. (check boxes on each item) 
  • Products with any Types(colors, sizes, etc) and serial numbers
  • If a product is being Exchanged then for which one with any Types and serial numbers
  • product price and exchanged item price
  • Any additional Shipping Costs
  • Any handling or restocking fees
  • Any Sales Taxes
  • The ability to Print out a receipt after a manual or unlinked Refund

Check based payments for manual refunds can be issued through Tradepoint by clicking the Print option when completing a manual refund.

Tradepoint also supports an unlinked refund which is an electronic refunds (which must be a feature supported by the payment gateway service being used such as which will allow either an electronic refund to be completed through Tradepoint.

Unlinked Refunds can be processed to the original payment method used for the Order or be refunded to an alternate payment form.

A prompt will pop up at the time an unlinked payment is attempted.

Clicking 'Yes' will direct the user to the screen to enter in the account information to receive the unlinked Refund.

Once the Refund has been completed it will appear on the Invoice screen attached to the Invoice and payment the Refund is related to.


Tradepoint does not process Return and/or Refunds electronically out of the box. Your payment gateway account settings will determine whether or not you will be able to process unlinked Refunds electronically through Tradepoint without having to log into a secure website or portal to process a return after it has been processed in Tradepoint.

Some providers currently support this feature such as Each of the Merchant Service companies provides different tools for handling electronic Refund and Returns.

Payment gateways currently supported by Tradepoint include:

  • Skipjack Financial Services
  • Beanstream
  • Moneris eSelect Plus Direct
  • Google Checkout
  • Protx
  • Paypal Pro Service
  • Link Point Connect

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