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Tradepoint Appointment management easily demonstrates how centralized data communication and storage can save vast amounts of time. Tradepoint's appointment window has three main views:  Collaborative View, Planning View, and Day Sheet View.


The collaborative view allows staff and teams to collaborate quickly and easily.  In this view, Tradepoint allows you to see the schedules of everyone that is important to you.  You can book appointments for yourself in this view as well as other staff members or team members.  Never need to cc email staff for their availability ever again.


The planning view in Tradepoint allows you to easily plan your multiple streams of availability.  Streams are yet another innovative concept that has been developed by our talented design staff.  No other package offers this sort of power.  When you look at an average work day, you are often doing more than one thing at once.  Tradepoint simply allows your plan to do more than one thing at once.  For instance, if you are a traveling manager, you can “plan” to drive from one plant location to another (a distance of say 3 hours) and while on that drive, plan to interview 5 candidates from a job posting you just made.  Other time management software forces you to only be able to plan one event or event type at a time.  Because of the node synchronization features, you as an executive can easily share your appointment book with your secretary anywhere in the world.  Another example of multiple stream planning management is when you are running a highly planned day that requires two levels of planning.  For example Tradepoint allows you to plan to “make cold calls” as a sales person and during that cold call period make specific appointed calls as exact times.   In this example you set your schedule like:  Monday 9:00 – 12:00 make cold calls and at 9:30 call ABC Company and 9:45 call XYZ Company because they both asked you to call them at that time.


Tradpeoint’s most familiar appointment window is the Day Sheet View window.  The day sheet view window arranges your day’s appointments in the standard vertical arrangement.  The other windows arrange appointment times to show horizontally.  The horizontal alignment of schedules make for an easier collaboration once you adjust to it.  Simply turn your head sideways. <smile>


Tradepoint does allow you synchronize your appointment book and contacts with your PDA (iPhone, Black Berry, cell phones and other devices).   Proper security settings must be done to enable this aspect of Tradepoint.


Each appointment can hold “aftermath” notes.  This is a quick and easy way to keep track of the results of each meeting.  As well as other appointment information is stored under each client account that it pertains to.  You are able to invite as many staff and outside customers to appointments as you would like and in each appointment you can store minutes, notes, budgeting controls, expense items and reminder dates.


Appointments can be set to be reoccurring (in the cases of staff meetings or doctor appointments) and can also be billed upon at a single right click (in the case of law firms and consulting work).  All accounting is automatically done with the integrated accounting features of Tradepoint. This saves vast amounts of administrative time compared to other applications that don’t allow you to adjust appointment billings automatically or requires you to enter your billable hours manually into a separate accounting system.


The Tradpeoint appointment and time management sets a new standard for time bookings.  Tradepoint even automatically adjusts for time zone changes for staff that may be across the world from you. Never have to count hours of time differences again.  It is all automatically done through Tradepoint.

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