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Call Log Update Notification Email Merge Fields


Tradepoint Enterprise now supports automatic email notifications being sent of all category, status and Conversation updates.

The first step in configuring automatic call log updates is to go into your Email Templates section under tools and create a new email template as you would any other. You can use merge fields listed below within this email template to indicate special fields for the email that will be generated:

Placeholder Value Description
{} The full name of the customer.
{customer.accountno} The customer's account number.
{} The salutation of the customer's name.
{} The customer's first name.
{} The customer's middle initial.
{} The customer's last name.
{} The suffix of the customer's name.
** If the customer is not an individual, then the last name will be the complete name and the other replacement tags will be replaced with nothing. The tag {} will always return the complete name **
{} The customer's primary phone.
{} The customer's email address.
{customer.billingaddress} The customer's billing address.
{customer.shippingaddress} The shipping address for the customer used for the order.
{} The shipping address name.
{customer.shippingaddress.attentionto} The shipping address attention to name.
{calllog.subject} The subject of the call log
{callog.notes} The notes of the call log
{calllog.closed Is thie call log marked as complete
{calllog.assignedto} Who the call log is currently assigned to
{calllog.result} The result or resolution to the call log
{calllog.identifier} The Callog's File #
{calllog.direction} The direction of the communication
{calllog.priority} Call Log Priority
{calllog.contactedby} How the contact was contacted or contacted you
{} The unique identifier of the call log (for database purposes)
{calllog.status} The status of the call log
{} The reseller's name if available, else the Divisions name.
{sender.address} The reseller's address if available, else the Divisions address.
{} The reseller's primary phone (including extension} if available, else the Divisions primary phone with extension.
{} The reseller's email address set for the template if available, else the  email address specified for the shipment status template in the Divisions settings.
{StatusUpdate} The reason for this email. (i.e. what changed in the call log)


Once you have your template setup, the next step is to set your company division to use this template. You can do so by going to Tools/Company Setup/Your Company/Divisions/Your Division/Configuration and choosing the template under the Call Log Template field. You'll also want to set the contact us form email address to the email address that you wish these emails to come from. Once this is done, click save and log out and log back in again.

Now that you have the system setup to use the right template, the next step is to determine which call logs you want to have a notification set for. To do so, go into the icon in the top left and click setup, then go into Contacts, and then into Customers (or Resellers) and go to the call logs section, then Categories. Each category will now have an option for "Send Notification". Check this off for all categories of call logs that you wish a notification to be sent.

Now when you create a call log or update a call log the system will automatically send this notification with the information included using the contact us form email address.

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