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Can Tradepoint Replace Microsoft Office


To re-create the Microsoft Office Suite ourselves would be a VAST undertaking.  It was a thought but we decided the best plan of action was to let Tradepoint directly communicate with the Office suite. 

Here is something interesting though.  In the Microsoft Office Suite there are these most used applications:

  • Access:  Most of the time this is used because you need it to manage systems or "middle wear" systems that don't communicate.  For instance:  You would have a stock list and you want to keep your website stock updated as well so you create an access database to help your staff communicate between the two and keep both updated.  Because Tradepoint is so comprehensive you will, or should, never need this application ever again.
  • Excel:  Same scenario as with Access. Most of the tasks that Excel is used for are to "bridge the gap" between systems that don't communicate.
  • Outlook:  Replaced by Tradepoint's email module.
  • Project: Overly complex software that makes project management more complicated than just doing the project on its own.  Replaced by Tradepoint's project management system.
  • PowerPoint:  Used for all presentations which can then be organized using Tradpeoint's document management system.
  • Word: The word processor of choice for most people...fully integrated with Tradepoint's document management and mail merge systems.

Well out of that entire list there is only one application that is truly needed:  Word.  Toss all of the rest and their licensing fees and vastly reduce your cost per desk!

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