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Customizable Screens - How they work


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Within each transaction screen Tradepoint supports the customization of the screen views with the ability to share a screen view within a Company Division. This is ideal for sales forces, team environments and call centers.
Customizable screens are available within Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Bills. The customizable option will be found in each one of those screens with the icons below.


A simple screen customization can be done to drag and drop header fields within the Details tab. This is the most common customization.

Additional fields can be found through right clicking the header field and choosing column chooser to add fields. Removing fields is done by dragging fields to the footer. They will disappear from the header field once dragged from the header field.

Removing a field:

Adding a field using the Column Chooser:

The column chooser will open with additional fields which can be dragged onto the screen.

Once the desired fields are on the screen then choose the Save Layout icon from the tool bar.

A prompt will come up with options to save and share the layout.

The option to set as Division Default will enable each user to have this view as their default view. The option to share the layout with others will set this layout in a drop down menu so other users can choose it from a menu.

More advanced screen customizations can be done which involve changing how the fields on the screen are laid out and formatted. Each screen has 3 sections that can be customized. Customizations include:

• Rearranging the locations of the fields within each section
• Removing/Adding fields within each section
• Adjusting properties of each field within each section of the screen

Clicking on the Customize Layout icon will open the customize tool.   The menu for customizing the screen will pop up.

The menu for customizing the screen will pop up. This screen has two views through the tabs at the top, the Hidden Items view and the Layout Tree View.

Each of these menus include drag and drop tools which will enable a user to drag and drop fields for screen customizations. A field can be dragged and dropped directly on the screen of a Quote, Order, or Invoice into the Customizable screen to be removed from the screen or moved within the screen to change the order that fields appear in.

Once the fields have been arranged close the customize tool and then save the layout that has been created with the Save layout option. A prompt will ask about sharing options for other within a Division or creating that layout as the only view.

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