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Customizing Your Flyout Panel


Customization within the Flyout Panel includes the type of heading information and how it is displayed. Individuals can adjust this based on your work flow processes and preferences. Any adjustments that are made will follow the User Access Settings of the person who made the adjustments in the Flyout Panel. As a result, each person within a company can have their own Flyout Panel reflect their preferences.

The Header Panel can be customized easily within Tradepoint to reflect the Heading Information you see. Properties of those fields can also be changed to reflect your preferences.

The dark blue Heading field can be adjusted as well as the light blue fields below showing your highlighted information within the heading  fields. The light blue fields have drag and drop capability to change the order of your heading information shown in the Flyout Panel.

Right clicking shows the options available for  your information. Full Expand will list all information by category in the Flyout Panel. Full Collapse will close it and just list the Categories. To Clear Grouping of the fields simply choose Clear Grouping and you will be able to re-arrange your fields.

Within the Information field in light blue are two types of drop down menus for you to customize your information. Right Clicking over the desired field will open a drop down menu which allows you to specify customizations having to do with how your information appears in relation to the other Heading fields.

The second tool bar which is found by clicking on the desired field and then clicking on the small nail icon  has to do with the specific information within that field. Each field will have this tool available and the information within the drop down menu will be specific to each field so, you will see differences in each drop down menu.

To drag and drop any of the Heading fields in light blue click and hold your mouse over the desired field and then drag it to order or re-order the fields to meet your preferences.

Right clicking any of the Heading information fields will open the menu of choices you see below.

Clicking  the small nail icon will open the drop down menu allowing you to choose the Category that you would like to view the Heading information in.

Each Custom tool for each field type will list the information relevant to that field type.  Therefore the Category field(which is illustrated here) will hold different information from the Status, Role, Subject or other fields throughout the Flyout Panel.

When a type of information is chose the Priority of that information listed in the Flyout Panel will change to reflect the new change made in this tools menu.

Each section of the Flyout panel can be customized in the same manner to reflect your work flow processes and preferences for how your information is displayed within Tradepoint.

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