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Darwin Demo Database Installation as a 2nd Instance of Tradepoint


This file will walk you through how to install the Darwin Demo Database version of Tradepoint as a staff member. Normally customers will never have to go through this process. It is a Microsoft "Install Shield" limitation that forces us to have such an involved process to install International Holdings. We apologize. Enjoy the process.

How to Prepare the Darwin Demo Database:

1)      Either print out this KB article or copy the entire article and paste it into Word or Wordpad in order to refer to it during this manual installation process

2)      Log out and exit out of Tradepoint.

3)      End your SQL process:

·        Press the [Alt], [Ctrl], and [Delete] keys at the same time to bring up the Task Manager: 

Task Manager

·        Click on the Processes tab:

Task Manager Processes

·        Scroll down to locate the line that begins with sqlserver.exe and highlight it:

sqlserver.exe process highlighted

·        Click the [End Process] button in the lower right hand corner of the Task Manager window.

4)      1) Navigate to C:\Program Files and copy the folder "Tradepoint"

5)      Paste the "Tradepoint" folder into the same directory C:\Program Files.

6)      Right click on the "copy of Tradepoint" folder and click "rename" (second item from the bottom of the pop up list)

7)      Rename the folder to “DDD”

8)      Double click on your new “DDD” folder

9)      Double click on the “Database” folder

10)  At present, this folder should have two files in it: “Tradepoint.mdf” and “Tradepoint_log.ldf”   Delete these two files.

11)  If you have not already downloaded the file, download and save it to your computer (Please remember where you save the file)

12)  Navigate to and open the “” file you downloaded from our web server. (Wherever you saved it)

13)  In that zip file should be two files: “Tradepoint.mdf” and “Tradepoint_log.ldf”

14)  Highlight those two files with the mouse, then copy them both. (this can be done by holding down the [Ctrl] button and pressing the [C] button at the same time)

15)  Navigate back to the DDD database folder you were just in (in step 7 of this procedure [C:\Program Files\DDD\Datatabase])

16)  Paste the Tradepoint.mdf and Tradepoint_log.ldf files into this database directory (this can be done by holding down the [Ctrl] button and pressing the [V] button at the same time)

·        Rename both files by right-clicking on each file.  Change “Tradepoint.mdf” to DemoTradepoint.mdf, and change “Tradepoint_log.ldf” to DemoTradepoint_log.ldf”

17)  At this point (since we ended the sqlserver.exe process), you must reboot your computer in order to start up your regular, live copy of Tradepoint.  After a successful reboot, please open up your normal, live copy of Tradepoint.

18)  After you have re-logged into Tradepoint, look on the menu items at the top of the screen and click “Darwin Tools”

19)  From the drop down, select: "Database Connect Tool..."

20)  In the window that opens, on the “Database Path” row of information, please click the pencil icon.

21)  In the file name section of the window that pops up please paste this path “C:\Program Files\DDD\Database\DemoTradepoint.mdf” and click the [Open] button located to the right

22)  You will now notice that the correct path is located beside the “Database Path” entry. Beside “Database Name” in the blank field please paste the words: “DemoTradepoint” Then click the [Save] button

23)  We are almost there. Navigate back to the database folder where you pasted the Tradepoint.mdf and Tradepoint_log.ldf files

24)  Navigate back one step out of the “C:\Program Files\DDD\Database” to the folder C:\Program Files\DDD

25)  In the huge list of files, look for the “Tradepoint.UserConfig” file. It should be about half way down the list. Double click this file to open its contents in notepad. [if Windows does not know what program to use to open the file, please select: "select a program from a list". A seperate window will open. Please double click on notepad icon and the file should open correctly.]

26)  This file contains a pile of raw data (an XML file). You will see some tags like:

·        <FirstRun>False</FirstRun>

·        <ServerName>___(somedata)___</ServerName>

·        <DatabaseName>Tradepoint</DatabaseName>

27)  In the last item I mentioned change:

·        <DatabaseName>Tradepoint</DatabaseName>”  to

·        <DatabaseName>DemoTradepoint</DatabaseName>”

28)  Look for another tag:

·        <ProgramTitle>___(some data)___</ProgramTitle>

·        If the tag exists, replace it with  <ProgramTitle>Darwin Demo Database</ProgramTitle>

·        If the tag does not exist, create a new line below <DatabaseName>DemoTradepoint</DatabaseName>

·        paste: “<ProgramTitle>Darwin Demo Database</ProgramTitle>”  into the new blank spot

29)  Save the file by clicking the [File] menu button located at the top of the screen you are in, and clicking [Save] from the drop down menu (or if you are keyboard savy click [Ctrl] [S]). then close the window by clicking the red X button.

30)  Finally, in the window where you loaded the “Tradepoint.UserConfig” config file. Please look for the Tradepoint.exe file [sometimes the ".exe" file extension is hidden. If your ".exe" extension is hidden, the Tradepoint icon you want to select is the one that looks like the "world with computers" or "spark plugs" wrapped around it]. Once you have located it, click and hold down your mouse button, drag it over your XP “start” (green) button located at the very bottom left of your screen and drag the file up to wherever you would like a short cut to be created. I prefer either at the very top of the left hand list or under the program files directory.

31)  After you have chosen a place by dragging the file, let go of your mouse button. Right click on your new short cut and click rename. Rename the short cut to “International Holdings” and you are all done.

32)   Conclusively:
For an an added touch you can perform item #24 to the “Tradepoint.UserConfig” file that is located in the “C:\Program Files\Tradepoint” directory. But do not use the name “Darwin Demo Database” in the <ProgramTitle></ProgramTitle> tags. Use “<ProgramTitle>Tradepoint</ProgramTitle>”. If the tags do not exist simply create new ones after the <DatabaseName> tags.

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