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The email window is a perfect example of how we have taken the best of every industry and every successful software package and implemented their strategies and functionality inside of Tradepoint.   You will never have to purchase a “best of breed” package again simply because we are the “best of breed” package for every area.  You will notice that Tradepoint's email management window looks and feels just like Outlook (the most successful email manager in the world).  It was not our aim to copy Outlook or any other package; it has always been our aim to improve upon what already exists.  Our email manager is another perfect example of this strategy.


Through the Tradepoint Email manager you are not only able to flag emails and store them in folders, but you can also share emails directly with other staff, customers and contacts with a simple right click selection window.  This simple step VASTLY reduces the need for those annoying “multiple folder” solutions for managing different contact or supplier correspondence.  Replace the folder sections you presently use with the CRM side of Tradepoint and you are done.  Centralized and complete, Tradepoint helps simplify the often complicated process of managing your business.  This same philosophy is what effectively outdates the need for access and excel spreadsheet files.   Those two packages are normally used as “middleware” between two processes that normally don’t communicate.  Tradepoint’s unique architecture outdates that the need of those applications and many others.


In the Tradepoint email management window you can also create tasks from emails and even support incidents for certain clients for other staff to follow up with.  Tasks can be shared between staff members quite easily through Tradepoint. It is a simple 2 step process. Because of Tradepoint’s powerful SQL database backbone, Tradepoint email also allows you to do complicated searches on all of your email folders, and manage multiple email account simultaneously. 


Your personal Tradepoint Email is the only area not node synchronized with the rest of your corporation.  This decision has been made simply because some people choose to never delete emails and quickly their email storage space grows inside to encompass gigs of information and past files.  Even if all of that information was compressed and encrypted into the Tradepoint database, when you multiply that weight across 500 employees, you will fast discover that if each email section was shared amongst all employees, the database would become quite large, quite quickly.   Also do to the nature of Email there is no specific need or advantage to include all emails on every staff member’s computer; outside of node synchronized redundant backups.  None the less email backups can be quickly and easily made through the Tradepoint “export data” feature.

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