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FedEx Shipping Service Configuration


Requirements: *an active FedEx Account number to move to production

Configuration Settings

Customer Account Number - the fedex account number
Account Meter Number - the fedex account meter number
Service Key - the online services service key
Service Password - the online services service password
Allow Service to Schedule Shipments - If checked when completing the shipment fulfillment wizard will try to schedule a shipment. If unchecked the service will be used for rate request only.
Default Currency Code - the default currency code for money

** all settings are required **

How To Request Access Keys
  1. Signup for Dev account or login at:
  2. After logging in go to the section for "FedEx Web Services for Shipping" ( )
  3. On that page there are a series of boxes down the page for each section in this resource area, select "Develop & Test Your Application" ( )
  4. At the bottom of this page there is a button called "Obtain Developer Test Key", click it to start the wizard for obtaining a development key.
  5. Complete all the steps of the wizard, record all information that you entered, and any new information they provide. During the steps of the wizard they will provide you with "Service Key" (a random amount of characters and numbers). Be sure you record this value, this is the Service Key configuration value.
  6. After you complete the wizard an email will be sent containing your test account, meter and "security code". The security code is the service password.
  7. Enter all the values in to the configuration section for the shipping service in Tradepoint. The default currency code would be the standard 3 character currency code for the country required. I.E. for US dollars (USD), Canadian dollars (CAD), British pounds (UKL), Australian dollars (AUD). Please ask us if you do not know the currency code you should use.

At this point you can configure your shipping methods in Tradepoint to use the FedEx shipping service, it will be in test mode until you request to move to production and complete the label certification if you need to print labels.

How To Move To Production

  1. Log back in to the developer section for, and navigate to the Web Services section again.
  2. On the Web Services homepage there will be a link titled "Move to Production" ( ), navigate to this page.
  3. At the bottom there will be a link similar to when you requested development access, click that link to begin the wizard for moving to production.
  4. On the first page of the wizard it will as if 1) you intend to resell the software? select No, and 2) if you are a Consultant or Corporate Developer? select Corporate Developer and click continue.
  5. Complete the information the wizard asks for and again record all information.
  6. When you receive your production key, production password (security code), and production meter, update the FedEx shipping service configuration with these values to use the production service environment. 

If you require certification for label printing, with the package you received from the WIS Support team containing your production information you should have also received a cover letter to include when you send your sample label for certification. To produce the sample labels use the FedEx Certification wizard in Tradepoint to generate the required labels for the services you intend to use. There should be 3 sets of labels per service type selected in the certification wizard generated. All of these sample labels will need to be mailed to the address indicated on the Label Submission cover letter. The WIS Support Team will evaluate your sample labels and respond with an indication of approval.

Pre-Production Assistance: FedEx Web Integrated Solutions Consultation Team
If you are in the pre-production stages of implementing a FedEx Web Integrated Solution and would like to speak with a FedEx Integration Consultant, who can assist you in understanding FedEx Web Services, please contact your aligned FedEx Sales Executive or the Technical Support number:
1.877.339.2774 (Monday-Friday 7am-9pm, Saturday 9am-3pm (CST).

If you can successfully access the rate service in production, but you are receiving an authentication error when requesting a shipment, and you have completed the certification process - you will need to contact the WIS Support Team to have them finish granting you access to the shipping services.

Currency Codes

The following are the expected currency code values that should be set in the configuration. If the setting value is left empty a default value will be set for the following sender's countries: United States of America (USD), Canada (CAD), Mexico (NMP), United Kingdom - British lbs. (UKL), Australia (AUD), and Puerto Rico (USD).


Currency Code
Antilles Guilder ANG
Argentina Peso ARN
Aruban Florins AWG
Australian Dollars AUD
Bahraini Dinars BHD
Barbados Dollars BBD
Bermuda Dollars BMD
Brazil Real BRL
British lbs. UKL
Brunei Dollar BND
Canadian Dollar CAD
Chilean Pesos CHP
Chinese Renminbi CNY
Cyprus lbs. EURO
Denmark Krone DKK
Dominican Peso RDD
E. Caribbean Dollars ECD
Egyptian Pound EGP
European Currency Unit EUR
Hong Kong Dollars HKD
Indian Rupees INR
Jamaican Dollars JAD
Japanese Yen JYE
Kuwaiti Dollars KUD
Macau Patacas MOP
Malaysian Ringgits MYR
Mexican Pesos NMP
New Taiwan Dollars NTD
New Zealand Dollars NZD
Norwegian Kronen NOK
Pakistan Rupee PKR
Philippine Pesos PHP
Saudi Arabian Riyals SAR
Singapore Dollars SID
South African Rand ZAR
South Korea Won WON
Swedish Krona SEK
Swiss Francs SFR
Thailand Baht THB
Trinidad & Tobago Dollars TTD
Turkish Lira TRY
UAE Dirhams DHS
Uruguay New Pesos UYP
U.S. Dollars USD
Venezuela Bolivar VEF


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