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Google Checkout Payment Service



Payment Capture: Yes (Credit Cards only)
Payment Authorization: Yes
Accepts Cards with Issue No/Start Date: No
Capture of Authorized Payment: Yes
Void of Payment: No
Refund (partial and full): No
Unlinked Credit (no associated original transaction): No

Configuration Settings


Your Merchant ID provided by Google.

Merchant Key

Your Merchant key provided by Google.

Default Currency Code

The ISO 4217 3 character currency code to use by default for transactions with Google.

Merchant Calculations Url

The callback url Goolge should use for merchant calculations. ( https://{your website's domain}/google-merchant-calculations.ashx ). Note: Your production calculation service must use port 443, which is the default port for HTTPS. You can use either port 443 (https) or port 80 (http) for your callback URL in the Sandbox environment.

Default Shipping Cost

The default amount to specify to google for shipping if unable to determine using calculated rates. This is the value that will be used as the default rate specified to google when the customer's information is not know, it is also the value that google falls back to if the merchant calculations endpoint does not respond within 3 seconds.

Set Google Order Number As Order PO   

Indicates if the google order number should be set as the Tradepoint Order's PO number.

Use Test Service

Indicates if the credentials are for a test merchant or not, if true all communication with be with Google's sandbox environment.

In your website's web.config optional config settings can be specified in the "appSettings" section:


The database ID of the Google Checkout A/R payment type, if not specified in the web.config it will use the first payment type set up for the order's division that is set to use a Google Checkout payment and has a transaction type of "Other".


The database ID of the callog status that should be assigned to an incident created by the notification handler. If not specified it will use the Support Category and Status specified in the Website's settings in Tradepoint.

Getting Started

Sandbox Login:
Production Login:


  • Please refer to steps 1 thru 3 for instructions on setting up a sandbox account:

    * Steps referring to coding implementation are not required, and have already been implemented by the Tradepoint development team.
  • Take note of your Merchant ID and Merchant Key from the Merchant administration at Google:
    • Sign in to the appropriate Google Checkout environment.
    • Click the Settings tab.
    • Click Integration.
    • Your Merchant Key and Merchant ID will appear under "Account Information".

    On the
    Integration page you should also confirm the following:

    • "My company will only post digitally signed carts" can be checked or unchecked it does not matter. Tradepoint uses the Xml API to communicate with Google and does not post shopping carts directly which require this step.
    • Make sure the "API callback URL" is set to http(s)://{your domain}/googlecheckouthandler.ashx . Https is required for production, but http will work for test when using the sandbox.
    • Select "Notification as XML" for the callback contents setting.
    • API Version can be set to 2.5.
    • Notification filtering should be left unchecked.
  • Register a payment service in Tradepoint with it's type set to Google Checkout by going to Setup -> Accounting -> Paymentment Services.
    Complete all the configuration settings.
  • Create an A/R payment type for Google Checkout by going to Setup -> Accounting -> A/R -> Payment Types and creating a new payment type called Google Checkout.
    The "Transaction Type" should be set to "Other", a default deposit account set, the payment service set to the Google Checkout payment service.
    Website enabled should be checked, and the "Custom WebPayment Control" should be set to: ~/memberservices/checkout/controls/googlecheckoutorderpayment.ascx


How It Works

From either the ShoppingCart page or the Payment Verifiation page on your website the customer clicks on the Google Checkout button and is redirected to Google to complete payment for the current shopping cart or order (whichever is applicable). If the customer is leaving from the ShoppingCart page it will be for the current shopping cart, if from /memberservices/checkout/verifyorder.aspx it will be for the current order.

As the customer proceeds through Googles payment process, callbacks to the merchant calculations url specified in the payment service settings will occur to calculate shipping and taxes based on the shipping address specified by the customer at Google.

Once the customer has completed the payment, they will have the option to return to your site but it is not required.

Google will now send a notification to your callback url to indicate that a new order has been initiated. A lookup will be conducted to see if the order already exists in Tradepoint, if the order is found it will be updated with the information provided by the notification. If the order is not found, a lookup for the customer is conducted against existing Leads and Customers. If a contact is not found, a new Customer will be created and the new order created based on the notification and it's status set to Credit Cleared.
The payment state will be recorded on the order in the Authorization Code field which is visible by clicking on the New Payment button of the order from within Tradepoint.

As the order status in Google changes, further notifications will be sent and processed by the callback. Updates will be done to the order based on the notifiation sent.

In the case that the order is "Complete" and a notification is recieved that indicates the order was cancelled or the payment declined a Calllog for the contact will be opened.

In the case the notification is for a "Chargeback", a Callog for the contact will be opened.

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