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How To Install Tradepoint with SQL Server 2005 Full Edition


If you have a great deal of data, it may become necessary to install SQL Server 2005 Full Edition on a remote computer or in your office. This Knowledge base article will help you do so.

Uninstalling Tradepoint:

Note: If you are a new user you can skip down to "Installing SQL Server 2005 Full Edition":

The first step is in Tradepoint click on the icon in the top left corner and choose Backup/Restore and backup your database to somewhere where you'll be able to access it later.

You'll then need to uninstall first SQL Server 2005 Express Edition from your computer and then Tradepoint. You can do so from your Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. 

The first one to choose is "Microsoft SQL Server" and click the remove button. You will be prompted to choose the instance that you wish to uninstall:

You may also check off Workstation Components if you wish. These will not be used anymore unless you have other applications that require them.

Once SQL Server 2005 is uninstalled you can proceed to uninstall Tradepoint For Windows from your Add/Remove Programs listing. Simply click the remove button and wait until it's complete. At this point we suggest that you restart the computer.

Installing SQL Server 2005 Full Edition:

Drop in the CD/DVD that came with the package. Make sure that if you have two CDs that you choose the one for your operating system. If you are unsure which Operating System you have, pick the one labeled x86. If you have a DVD version, you will be prompted with a screen such as this:

Choose your operating system (choose x86-based operating systems if you are unsure) and then you will be presented with the following screen:

Make sure you click the item that is circled in red above.

Next you will be presented with serveral prompts which only have one button that you can click for moving forward and accepting the licence agreement. Please do so until you're presented with the following screen:

Make sure you check off SQL Server Database Services and ensure that the rest are not checked off then click next.

Next you'll be asked to create an instance or choose Default Instance. For Tradepoint to setup automatically for you you must choose Named Instance and type in Tradepoint into the box before clicking next. If you choose Default Instance you will have to install Tradepoint manually which is not recommended.


The next step is to tell SQL Server how to run on your computer. You should only change Use a domain user_account to Use the built-in System Account and make sure it says "Local System". Leave everything else the same.

The next step is to choose Mixed Mode Security (do not choose Windows Authentication Mode or you will receive errors during Tradepoint Installation). You can enter whatever password you wish at this time. It will be automatically reset by the Tradepoint Installation.

The next screen is to do with how SQL Server handles text for multiple languages. Choose Collation Designator and sort order instead of the default SQL collations (used for compatibility with previous versions of sql server) and make sure that it says "Latin1_General" in the drop down leaving everything else the same and then click next.

SQL Server will install after a while and you'll be prompted to click next. Please do so, then click Finish. SQL Server is now successfully installed on your computer

Installing Tradepoint

Now that you have SQL Server installed on your computer you can now start the Tradepoint Installation process. Simply double click on the TradepointSetup.exe file and follow the instructions answering yes to the Licence agreement when prompted.

Once Tradepoint is installed, click the Finish button and then goto your start menu and then all programs and then choose "Tradepoint for Windows" from the list (should be at the bottom).

Note: You must be logged into your computer as an administrator at this step otherwise setup will fail.

It will prompt you with a welcome screen welcoming you to the software. Click next.

Next you will be prompted to choose the type of Installation that you are completing.  Choose Remote User:

Tradepoint will then detect that SQL Server is already installed and simply skip to the next step which is to configure the server and then prompt you for the path to the backup file that you backed up at the very first step. (or your system administrator provided)  Click the search button and find the backup file and then click next.  The setup will download any updates, restart and install the update and then continue to synchronize your database. Once the synchronization process is complete you can click finish on the wizard and login to Tradepoint with the Login and password that your system administrator supplied.

Congratuations, you have successfully upgraded your Tradepoint for Windows to use the full SQL Server 2005 and do not have a database size limit any longer.

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