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How To Register Paypal Standard Website Payment Control


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** Note:  Paypal Standard is NOT a payment service with full integration to Tradepoint, it only handles the redirect to Paypal to capture the payment. **

Configuration of Paypal Standard is stored in the web.config file for the website.

Add to configSections:

<section name="paypalSettings" type="Tradepoint Enterprise.PaymentServices.Web.Configuration.PayPalSettingsSection, Tradepoint Enterprise.PaymentServices.Web"/>

Add a config section called "paypalSettings":

<paypalSettings isDebug="true" businessEmail="{your paypal business email address}" iPNAddress="{full url to the paypal IPN endpoint}" paymentCompleteUrl="{full url to the page to return to after paypal}"/>

isDebug - required; if true redirect will be to the paypal "sandbox" checkout, businessEmail and customer information will have to be test credentials.
businessEmail - required; the merchants business email as registered with PayPal.
iPNAddress - required; the full url to the IPN endpoint in the website (example:
http://www.{yoursite}.com/paypalipnconfirmation.ashx), required and must be accessible by Paypal.
paymentCompleteUrl - the full url that PayPal should redirect the customer back to after completing or canceling the payment (example:
paymentTrxResponseEmail - optional; leave empty - legacy setting that is not used
defaultCurrencyCode - optional; used to override the currency code of the payment other than what is set for the paypal account. ** Only include if required. ** 
Valid values are:
    Australian Dollar - AUD
    Canadian Dollar -  CAD
    Czech Koruna -    CZK
    Danish Krone -   DKK
    Euro -    EUR
    Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
    Hungarian Forint - HUF
    Israeli New Sheqel - ILS
    Japanese Yen -  JPY
    Mexican Peso -  MXN
    Norwegian Krone - NOK
    New Zealand Dollar - NZD
    Polish Zloty -  PLN
    Pound Sterling - GBP
    Singapore Dollar - SGD
    Swedish Krona -  SEK
    Swiss Franc -   CHF
    U.S. Dollar -   USD

Registering the Paypal Standard Payment web control can be done two ways:
1) In the /memberservices/checkout/verifyorder.aspx page, add an entry to the payment manager control's payment editors collection.

<Tradepoint EnterpriseWebPayments:PaymentManger ID="uxPaymentManager" runat="server"
PaymentTypeSelectorContainerCss="PaymentTypeSelectorContainer" UseRadioButtonsForSelector="false">


<%-- Uncomment or add the following line; to uncomment remove the "<%--" and "--%>" from the start and end of the following line. --%>
-- <Tradepoint EnterpriseWebPayments:PaymentControlDefinition DisplayName="PayPal" ControlSrc="Controls/OrderPayPalPayment.ascx" DisplayRank="20" /> --%>

</Tradepoint EnterpriseWebPayments:PaymentManger

2) Set the website relative path to the control as the payment editor for a payment type within Tradepoint (example: ~/memberservices/checkout/controls/OrderPayPalPayment.ascx).
The Transaction type should be set to "Other" for the payment type, "Website Enable" should be checked.

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