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How to enable your language for Spell Check


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By default Tradepoint supports most English, French, Spanish and Arabic languages, however you may want to add your country and language specific language information.

Note: Tradepoint will use your current UI Culture setup in your environment settings to determine which dictionary should be used. If you change the language in the environment settings you will need to restart Tradepoint for it to take effect.

To add additional languages please follow these instructions:

  1. Go Here: and download your language file pack.
  2. In the zip/gz/tar file that you downloaded and opened in your favorite zip program, there should be a .dic and a .aff file (the .aff file may not be there and is only used for grammar so you can ommit it if you wish)
  3. Make sure that the file names are in the format <language>_<Country>.dic where <language> is the international 2 charcter name for the language and <Country> is the international 2 character name for the country (i.e. en_us is English United States)
  4. Extract these files to the installation directory of Tradepoint Enterprise (typically c:\program files\Tradepoint Enterprise)
  5. Restart Tradepoint

Tradepoint will then use the updated dictionary files.

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