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Importing Exporting and Backing up data


Importing your existing data could not be easier than with Tradepoint.  Your Tradepoint data import wizards can be accessed by clicking the top left yellow cube and selecting import data.  These wizards operate as embedded plug-ins enabling you to import data from every standard export file type and even often custom “propriatary” file types.  Some examples of standard export file types are XML, ASCCI, comma delimited.  Custom file types might be Access, Excel, Quickbooks act.  Creating a custom import is a breeze in Tradepoint and because of our unique Plug-in architecture, creating new plug-in imports can be done in a relatively short period of time. 


Importing data to Tradepoint is a simple 3 stage process.


  1. Specify what type of information you are importing: contact information, accounting information, document information act.
  2.  Specify the file you wish to import from. For example: contacts.mdb or clients.txt
  3. Data bind the fields. For example: What was entitled “clients” in the imported file is now called “customers” in Tradepoint.  What was once “contact phone number” is now “work phone number” in Tradepoint.

After you are finished, simply click the submit button and Tradepoint will atomatically import seemingly unlimited amount of information all at once.  Source lists of hundreds of thousands of entries can be added in mere seconds or minutes.  Tradepoint will then synchronize the contact information with every other location within your company, allowing access by only security enabled users of course.  Your old centralized database is now decentralized and accessable through your entire corporation in seconds.

Exporting data is also a breeze with Tradepoint.  Simply click the type of information you would like to export and you are finished.  Tradepoint will export your needed data in seconds


For those of you that would like to store a complete, encrypted backup of your entire database, this too can be done through the wizard found in: Backup / Restore Database menu option when you click the top left yellow cube.  You can then take this backed up database and store it on tape drives, external hard drives, CD Roms or DVDs and any other medium you so choose.  Because Tradepoint is node synchronized, there will always be a backup kept of your entire database on every computer within your company, however many clients still prefer to store scheduled backups of their database at different locations.  Tradepoint is flexable to your needs.


If you have a specific import or export need, feel free to contact our staff and we will send you a custom quote to facilitate your specific needs.  The vast majority of time custom imports or data management techniques are not needed, however we are here to facilitate your specific customer needs when needed.


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