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Install and Restore Instructions for Tradepoint with Full Version of SQL


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Here's the instructions for setting up Tradepoint on your system with the full database.

First download your database backup file. It will be a file which ends in .bak if it is not compressed and .rar if it has bee compressed.

The next step is to download the full version of SQL Server 2008 if you don't already have access to it already:

If your company has already purchased a full edition of SQL you will not need to download these links. Even if these links are used to download the full version of SQL, you will still need to purchase the full version of SQL separately if you have or know you will have a database that will expand past the 4 gig limit.

Windows x64 Edition:

Windows x32 Edition

(If you don't have a Program Files (x86) directory in the root of C drive on your computer, then you're using the x32 edition.)

If you already have tradepoint installed, please uninstall it by:

1. Go to Add/Remove Programs (Program Features)

2. Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Tradepoint instance if you have many)

3. uninstall Tradepoint Enterprise

4. Open up Explorer and go to your program files (or program files x86) and delete the Tradepoint Enterprise directory.


Next extract the sql server 2008 that you downloaded into a folder.

Then run Setup.bat in the directory.

Click next a bunch of times until it installs.


Download this:

Run it and allow it to install.

Run the program from the desktop

Choose remote mode and point it to the database backup and it should do the rest.

If prompted for the sync path and it isn't filled in please use:

The software will download all updates, and synchronize and then you'll be good to go. Jen will be sending your login and password shortly. The division is "Tradepoint".


Note 2: (For those of you who care, it's so complex because our data is > 4 gigabytes of primary data so you need to have the full version of SQL Server. Normal clients won't have this issue.)

Note 1: (For those of you that already have the full verison of SQL server, please use the server tools and restore the database and then create a copy of your tradepoint directory and update the xml file to point to it.)

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