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Introduction to The Flyout Panel



The flyout panel is a built in dynamic tool with ongoing Reminders, Alerts and built in functionality, the Flyout Panel is your collaborative tool encompassing:

·         Ongoing  Reminders for nine functions including Outstanding Orders, Inventory, and daily Reminders.

·         Updating internal Alerts and Reminders between team members within your company as the changes are made.

·         Live links for Reminders as they come due allowing you view details of a Reminder.

·         Customizable windows show only the types of heading information you need to view giving you the main information with the ability to drill down into details of each item.

·         The ability to generate tasks and numerous types of Action Items directly from the Flyout Panel.

 With all of the built in features of a dashboard with additional functionality and live updating as your day goes on. The Flyout Panel provides the ability to drill down further directly into over nine different types of functions directly. An example would be as Orders are entered into Tradepoint on a daily basis you can receive Alerts and even print out your Outstanding Orders individually to use as a pick list to fulfill your own Orders.

Structure & Functionality

The Structure of the Flyout Panel includes the Toolbar, Main Panel, Iconography and Live Reminders. The functionality within the Flyout Panel is embedded within the structure. The example below illustrates a breakdown of the Tasks Panel.

The toolbar is shown below on the right of the Tasks Flyout Panel and is accessible from every window within Tradepoint. When the panel is closed only the icons will be visible.  The different parts of the Flyout Panel.

A.      Quick Filter: Change when your Tasks are due with the option built into the drop down menu of the Quick Filter.


B.      The Flyout Panel has a built in Searching function accessible through the Search Tab. This example shows the Results.


C.      These are your template headings. The Category label in the Top field is how all of your Tasks are sorted as illustrated in the filed below. The Task categories you have in Tradepoint will also sort your Tasks in the Flyout Panel. Fields showing the heading information corresponds to the heading information that can be viewed. Clicking the plus sign next to a Category will open to show any Tasks due within that Category.


D.      An example of a Task illustrated with the heading information viewable including the green bar that shows the Task as being partially finished.


E.       The Toolbar for the Flyout Panel will be visible on every window within Tradepoint and any section can be accessed by clicking on the icon.


F.       Each section of the Flyout Panel will have various types of  built in functionality giving the Flyout Panel robust functionality going well beyond reminders.

To keep a Panel open simply click on the thumbtack in the upper right corner.

Navigating through the Flyout Panel can be done through the icon menu on the right or with the menu built into the small arrow to the left of the thumbtack with all available types of information as shown in the example below.

The vertical toolbar is on the right of the Flyout Panel and will open each Panel when you click on a different icon.

In addition, the drop down menu is accessible from each screen and will allow you to open each Panel  by clicking on the desired Panel listed in the menu.

The Flyout Panel will remain open as long as your mouse is hovered over the open Panel. So, when you need to keep a Panel open use the thumb tack circled in the upper right hand corner. When a Panel has been kept open it will remain open as you use Tradepoint until you click the tack a second time.

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