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LinkPoint Connect Payment Service Configuration



Payment Capture: Yes* (Credit Cards only)
Payment Authorization: No
Accepts Cards with Issue No/Start Date: No
Capture of Authorized Payment: No
Void of Payment: No
Refund (partial and full): No
Unlinked Credit (no associated original transaction): No

Configuration Settings

LinkPoint MerchantId - 6 to 10 digit number called "Storename" in the welcome email from FirstData, is also the same value used as the "Store Number" when logging into the administration website
LinkPoint UserId - a tracking id for the transaction (option, advise leaving empty)
Include Debugging Information - returns extra debugging information in the response (optional, advise leave unchecked)
Submission Url - The full url to the submitting page (required), must match the value specified in the FirstData LinkPoint Settings for the submission url.
Response Url - the full url to the complete page (optional)
Success Url - the full url to the complete page (optional)
Failure Url - the full url to the failure page (optional)
Use Staging Server - indicates if account is test or production
Authenticate Transaction - Legacy, value is ignored and not supported by FirstData.


The url specified in Tradepoint for the Submission Url must match the value specified as the Submission Form URL on the FirstData administrative site.
FirstData has changed their process such that they are checking the "Referer" value in the web request for the payment. If it does not match the value specified in their settings the payment is automatically rejected. For requests submitted by Tradepoint, the value specified in the Submission Url property is manually set as the "Referer" for the payment request.
The "Url is a CGI Script" property for the Confirmation page and Failure Page should be checked in the LinkPoint Administration settings.


Test Administration: 

Production Administration:


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