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New in Version 4 (v4) - List and Links


This page is a Work-In-Progress.  New entries are highlighted in yellow.


Here are links to videos describing new features found in Tradepoint 360 Version 4 Products.  Files are in MP4 format (you may have to set a default media player to play these videos inline).


File Link

Content Description






















Here is the list of new features.






Multi-box support

Multi-box support added and fully supported within the ui and for a growing number of shipping services

Multibin support

Multibin support directly in the ui

Auto box selection.

Auto box selection. This will automatically take your pre setup boxes and figure out the fewest and smallest boxes required to ship the shipment. This is used in the shipment screen to pre-populate the boxes and even assign the products to those boxes and automatically calculate the weights for the boxes. (scale still supported). Obviously this seriously improves ship times by eliminating guessing on boxes and pre filling everything in. It also reduces cost by ensuring the fewest and smallest boxes possible. 

Customizeable Form Layouts

The screen is fully customizable to allow for whatever layout works best.

Fulfill Orders Process

A new screen under the business tab called fulfill orders gives you a much more detailed view of outstanding orders to be fulfilled with a much more interactive display that automatically updates. The flyout is still available as well.

Awaiting Other Orders

A new order fulfillment status is also added called awaiting other orders. This status handles the case of one order set to fulfill only entire order and other orders being able to be shipped using that order's allocated inventory. Typically the entire order only would never get shipped because it would never have enough inventory. This is especially true in low on hand inventory environments. The new status allows for an informed choice when shipping to mitigate this issue.

Orders Available Fast Refresh

Refresh of the orders available for shipping is approximately 200% faster while also providing more information.

Rate Quotes

The same auto box selection is also used for rate quotes which can result in much more accurate rate quotes from carriers. Especially for over sized and irregular sized objects.

Hazardous Materials flag

Added to products and is passed to carriers if supported.

Oversized Package flag

Added to products and is passed to carriers if supported.

UPS Worldship integration

The system will get rate quotes from the live rate quote system if configured and use UPS worldship to ship the order instead of direct shipping. You can choose the default direct ship or use worldship if you choose or only use worldship for specific types of shipping.

UPS Basic

Because of worldship integration we now support UPS Basic out of the box. This was an often requested service. Note that rate requests are no available for UPS basic. This is a limitation of worldship and UPS not us. 

LTL Freight

wordlship also allows all other shipping services that UPS does not support in their api including LTL freight.

Affiliate Management

extends capability, includes Network Structure management and Affiliate Reimbursement

Affiliate Reimbursement

 includes reimbursements by product, category of product, group and department, reimbursement wizard

Salesperson Management

Salesperson Management: integrates commissions, includes Employee Contracts and Commission Payment

Commission Payment

Supports almost any sales person reimbursement ruleset including by product, category, department, or group and at each item you can provide scale. This allows different reimbursements based on dollar amount of sales by percentage, or amount and you can do reimbursement by gross, net or gross profit.

Bill Pay Wizard

automates payment of multiple invoices with one check

Auto affiliate payout wizard

Auto affiliate payout wizard

Auto recurring invoice wizard

Auto recurring invoice wizard with auto payments being processed and extensive improvements to the setup process for these recurring invoices.

Auto recurring order wizard

Auto recurring order wizard with same.

PCI Compliant Wallet function

New PCI compliant wallet function for all payment gateways. This means that if the gateway has their own wallet function we automatically use it. If not we fall back to our own PCI compliant implementation. The result is that it is easy to store card info and customers online can easily opt to store their cards for future use.

Single screen receive shipment window. 

The wizard is gone and the interface is simplified.

Year End Process

Single click year end function that automatically does all entries to complete and lock the year completely. The year end will not affect p/l reports but does affect balance sheet as per gaap rules to make it easier to do historically reporting after completing the year end.

Improved imap email handling

to support non standards compliant servers such as godaddy and others and to make the mail check process much faster against these and other servers.

Easier Navigation

Simplified ribbon with functionality more intuitively grouped.  All Setup control plus Personal and Help on the "System (Tradepoint) tab.

New "Create" tab

Allows for action based functions directly from ribbon instead of having to find a contact first.

hyperlinked record names 

Faster Access to Records: one click

New technology global search

Instant Retrieval of Data.  It defaults to finding Contacts and Personnel, but a drop-down list offers that same speed to search in Products, Employees, Knowledge Base, Tasks. Appointments, Call Logs, Documents... or All of these.

Supplier channel integration. 

Simple api interface to implement a new supplier channel. Support for product push, inventory availability push, and the ability to get PO status and send POs electronically. PO status updates can automatically update drop ship orders skipping the need to use the drop ship fulfillment wizard.

60 new reports.

Over 150 added since the launch of v3

Improved g/l window

Easier to find entries and act upon them.

AutoPriority (Rank) added to Task list

So that a user can simply work top down in their task list and be assured that they are working on the most important items first. This applies to e context of the employee any and all projects and to the company automatically. Its like a built in project manager without having to pay for one.

ToDo List added to Tasks

Breakdown a Task into a series of steps

Collaboration tab in Contacts

Lists all tasks, notes, appointments, calls, emails and projects chronologically with flittering. This allows maximum visibility of all communications for a contact in one location.

Improved how stock counts are recorded in g/l

Makes them easier to find and review.

Improvements to transfers

Better handle multibin and odd accounting scenarios.

Documents can be included in Project templates

Project Management template now supports inclusion of documents

Lot Number Tracking and Reorder

Tradepoint allows you to use the Bin Locations for lots and specify these on the Order which will carry through to the shipment and also to POs and thus through receive and record it all appropriately .



Full text search 

With auto weighting based on sales popularity and the inverse of the age of the product. This allows for the best possible items to always come first. In addition per product and website you can artificially influence this ranking.

Custom Product title, keywords and descriptions.

Per product and website .

Streamlined Product Listings

More easily customized in code in a single location.

Visitor Pagination Control

Ability for end users to easily sort, filter and change pagination on product listings.

Guided Search

Suggests further filters as you progress through search results and categories etc. this integrates with specifications as well to provide an ultra specific and easy to use system for narrowing results similar,, and vastly more powerful that's guided search.

Integration of Google checkout

Supports Google one click checkout

Integration of Paypal checkout

Supports Paypal one click checkout

2 click direct to checkout for standard orders

Instead of being taken to your cart first.

Live rate quotes on shopping cart page.

Live rate quotes on shopping cart page.


Expanded address auto complete support on checkout and improved address validation and ease of entry.

3 new payment gateways supported

Since v3.

Deal of the Day and Featured Items support.

Deal of the day and featured items support.

Improved Custom Page support

More extensive support for custom pages and editing with better wysiwyg editor.

Single Sign-in

Full google, facebook, linked in and yahoo login support to speed login processes.

google adwords and google analytics

Fully native support with full checkout conversion total reporting and analytic data recorded directly in tpe To be able to see what keywords sell which products etc.

Expanded Channel Advisor support.

Expanded Channel Advisor support.



VeriFone PCCharge support.


Restaurant/Cafe' Enhancements

Tip Adjustments Table/Seat assignment Split Checks

Detailed Register Close

Ability to enter in each division {# of cents, dimes, quarters, dollar bill, etc.} or the total amount)

Advanced Z-Tape

Ability to print out a fully detailed end of day report

Read/Write to "Your Data" fields.


Coupon support.


Decimal based quantity.


Gift Card Lookup

Complete gift card history detailing each recharge, balance available, etc.

Customer History Lookup

Customer specific transactions (Orders, Invoices, Quotes, and Refunds) as well as Product Purchase history.

Reprint Credit Memo receipt.


Split Search for advanced search.

Ex: "Brake Spring" would return all searches with the words brake and spring in it.

Improved Product

Lookup Faster searches and multi-select.

Full Report Designer

With a query designer, etc.

New POS Functions

Ex. set transaction Sales Rep, etc.), and Configurations (ex. Default Cash In/Out accounts, etc


This page last updated October 2, 2012.

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