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Page Layout - Options for Ecommerce Tools for Prodcut Setup


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To setup your web site page layout preferences for your Products the additional steps outlined will also need to be followed in addition to the basic product setup outlined above.

The Page Layout section can be accessed through the Page Layout icon within a product listing.

Each Product within Tradepoint is its own unique web page with unique identifier and SEO tools. Page Layout is the option within Tradepoint to control which tools are available for each Product listing displayed on a web site.

Page Layout is within Products and can be set for each product to display different layout options for each product. Page Layout also provides the SEO tools for Page Titles, Descriptions and Keywords for each product listed within Tradepoint.

The page Layout screen holds options for :

Visibility – How your product is displayed and whether or not the ability to purchase an item has been enabled.
Product Pages – What Product tools are enabled in your products.
Page Security – Who can see your products.
Search Engine Optimization – Product Page information for Search Engine Optimization.

Once these preferences for your product listing have been enabled here the product will appear on your website within a few minutes as Tradepoint synchronizes to your website.

The Page Layout screen shows numerous options that can be enabled at the time a Product is set up or one at a time as you bring on new Products.

Your Product Visibility Options include:

Show on Website – Click this to make your Product visible on your website.

Allow Sale on Website – This option will enable the shopping cart and ‘Add to Cart Option allowing the sale of your products on your website.

Featured Product – This option will make your Product a Featured product on the main page of your website. It will appear with the guidelines established by your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in your website design.

Your Page Security Options include:  

Allow Anyone to View your Product – This option will have a Product listing be visible to everyone who visits your website.

Any other security profiles you have set up will also be options if you do NOT want anyone to view the Product on the website. This option is used often in cases where there are products available for wholesale (as an example) or are only meant for specific types of customers.

Your Product Page Options include:

Specifications – Enable the Specification you have set up to be visible for each Product on the web. This is ideal for electronics or Products that have details relevant to their purchase.

Accessories – This option will enable any up-selling tools within Accessories. If you have any items enabled in this section then they will be activated within your Product listing with the option to purchase the Accessory when this item is checked off.

Image Gallery – For Products with multiple images in addition to the Main Product Image they will be enabled when this options is checked off. Images may need to be sized to the desired size (i.e. thumbnail  size 125 X 225 pixels) to appear correctly on your web site.

Documents – If you would like your viewers to be able to download resources from your Product listings then check off this option.

Request Information – This feature enables the email message option on your website for information about a specific Product.

Support – This feature enables the ability to email you for Support on a particular Product directly from the Product listing on the web.

Related Items – This option will enable the up-selling tool for Related Items on your website. Any Products you have enabled within the ‘Accessories Of’ section will be visible with the option to purchase Related Items directly from the product listing.

Reviews – Enable the Product Review section for any given Product by checking off this option.

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

Page Title – Enter in the Page Title to be a part of the search able tags within each product page.

Page Description – Any Page Description you want to be on your product Pages enter that information here. It will automatically be a part of the meta tags on your Product Pages.

Page Keywords – Enter in your keywords for each Product Page. Each Product Page is its own web page so each product page can have its own keywords that are unique to each Product.

Note: Once these options are checked off you will have to have content in each of the respective sections for the Product to have a complete listing on your website. Most content for your Product listings can be imported in using the Data Import Tool and others can be specified by each section.

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