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PayPal Website Payments Pro Configuration



Payment Capture: Yes (Credit Cards only)
Payment Authorization: Yes
Accepts Cards with Issue No/Start Date: No
Capture of Authorized Payment: Yes
Void of Payment: Yes
Refund (partial and full): Yes
Unlinked Credit (no associated original transaction): No

Configuration Settings

API Username The API username generated by PayPal.
API Signature The API signature generated by PayPal
API Password The API password that was specified when generating the signature
Default Currency Code The default ISO-4217 3 character currency code.
Descriptor on Customer's Statement The soft descriptor to appear on a customer's statement for the transaction.
Notify Url for IPN LEAVE EMPTY, reserved for future use.
PayPal Account Email Address LEAVE EMPTY, unless your credentials (api signature, username, and password) do not belong to the account - to allow for third party access.
Use Sandbox (Test Mode) If checked the payment service will work in test mode against PayPal's sandbox, leave unchecked to work in Live mode.

Setting up for Express Checkout

To support being able to checkout using Paypal's Express Checkout a payment type needs to be configured to use the Paypal Pro payment service.
In Setup -> Accounting -> A/R -> Payment Types create a new payment type with Transaction Type "Other", and the payment service set to your Paypal Pro payment service. Website enabled should be checked, and Custom WebPayment Control should be set to " ~/memberservices/checkout/controls/paypalexpresscheckouteditor.ascx ".

By creating this specific payment type, the Express Checkout button will be visible from the ShoppingCart page and from the order verification page in the checkout process.
If the customer chooses to checkout using the express button on the ShoppingCart the contents of the current cart will be used for the checkout, else it will be for the current order.

How Express Checkout Works

From either the ShoppingCart page or the Payment Verifiation page on your website the customer clicks on the Paypal Express Checkout button and is redirected to Paypal to start the payment process for the current shopping cart or order (whichever is applicable). If the customer is leaving from the ShoppingCart page it will be for the current shopping cart, if from /memberservices/checkout/verifyorder.aspx it will be for the current order.

The customer is redirected to Paypal to begin the payment process, upon confirming with PayPal that a payment should be initiated, the customer will be redirected back to your website to finalize the details of the checkout.
During the confirmation step on your website the customer will be able to edit their billing and shipping address, select the shipping method, and add coupons as applicable.
If an order did not already exist it will be created based on the current shopping cart for the contact, if the contact does not exist a new contact will be created. The website credentials of the new contact will be the specified email address for both the login and password. At this point the Description on the order will state "PENDING PayPalExpress ORDER" to indicate that the payment process has been started but not completed.

When the customer is satisfied with the order details they will submit the order, at this time the payment will be completed with Paypal and the customer redirected to your website's complete page upon successful payment. The order will have a status of "Credit Clear" at this point. All transaction details are visible in the order's history.

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