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Purolator Shipping Service Configuration


Requirements: *an active Purolator Account number to move to production

Configuration Settings

Account Number - the purolator account number.
Developer Key - the developer key obtained through the purolator developer resources.
Developer Password - the developer password assigned by purolator when requesting the developer key.
Allow Service to Schedule Shipments - If checked when completing the shipment fulfillment wizard will try to schedule a shipment. If unchecked the service will be used for rate request only.
Use Test Service - Indicates if the service is test or production.

Pickup Type - Valid values are "DropOff" and "PreScheduled" , if a value is not specified the service will default to "DropOff".
Use Imperial Units For Weight - If checked the weight of the shipment/package will be specified using pounds instead of kilograms (default) for the rate and shipment requests.
Adjust For Minimum Weight - If checked and the weight of the shipment/package is less than 1 (weight unit does not matter) it will be specified as one for the rate and shipment requests. Default is checked.

** all settings are required **

How To Request Access Keys
  1. Signup for Dev account or login at:
  2. When you have received your Developer Key, password, and test account number enter the values into the shipping service configuration. Confirm that Use Test Service is checked.

How To Move To Production

  1. Login to purolator's eship site at: and follow the instructions provided to request access to the production environment.
  2. When you have received your production credentials (Developer Key, and password), update the shipping service configuration replacing your development credentials with the production credentials, and the test account number with your purolator account number. Confirm that Use Test Service is not checked.


  1. Warehouse Address Information: The warehouse must have a Canadian address; the street address of the warehouse must start with a street number. This is not a requirement of the destination addresses, only the sender (warehouse).
  2. Labels & Document Printing: Purolator's eShip services do not return a label or other documents in their scheduling responses, instead they return a Url on purolator's site that provides the documents. It is the responsiblilty of the user to download and print the applicable documents and labels. The shipping service will launch the default browser to the documents url instead of trying to initiate printing through a printer when the fulfillment wizard indicates labels should be printed or when reprint label is selected from the shipment information window.

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