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Register a New Endicia Shipping Service Account for Tradepoint


Register a New Endicia Shipping Service Account for Tradepoint

The Endicia shipping service (USPS) requires an account to be created that is registered using the partner code for Darwin Productions Inc. which is "ldar". Please be aware that existing "Dazzle" accounts will not work with the shipping api.

To create a new account please follow this link:

When you have completed the signup process and email will be sent to you containing your account number, remember to take note of the temporary password you created in the sign up process.

Create a new shipping service in Tradepoint that will use the Endicia shipping service; Setup -> Accounting -> Shipping -> Shipping Services -> click Add Item, select Endicia as the shipping service.

The customer identifier, and customer account id will be the account number sent to you by Endicia, the account passphrase will be the password that you created on sign up.
If "Allow Service to Schedule Shipments" is check marked the shipping service will attempt to schedule a shipment when going through the fulfillment wizard. If "Allow Service to Schedule Shipments" is unchecked the shipping service will be rate request only, and will not schedule shipments or print labels.
"Entry Facility" is the postal facility where the mail is entered, the default value if not specified is "Other".  
Valid values for "Entry Facility" are:
DBMC - Destination BMC
DDU - Destination Delivery Unit
DSCF - Destination Sectional Center Facility
OBMC - Origin BMC
Other - Other postal facility (Default)

"Post Office/collection box ZIP Code" is the postal code of the post office or collection box where the item is mailed. This may be different than the sender's postal code (warehouse postal code). The value specified affects the calculation determining the zone and postage price. It is only required if the "Entry Facility" has not been left empty or set as "Other".

To initialize your shipping account you need to complete a password change. Select "Change Passphrase Wizard" from the group of buttons below the configuration settings, follow the directions provided by the wizard.

Note: The new Pass Phrase must be at least 5 characters long with a maximum of 64 characters. For added security, the Pass Phrase should be at least 10 characters long and include more than one word, use at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, one number and one non-text character (e.g. punctuation). A Pass Phrase which has been used previously will be rejected.

Once you have completed the password change, you will need to buy postage. Click on the button "Purchase Postage Wizard" from the group of buttons below the configuration settings. Enter the amount of postage you wish to add and click the "Next". This window will also show the current balance available on the account.

Note: All domestic labels will be printed at 4"x6", all international label will be printed at 8"x11" except for First Class Mail International (all package types) and for Priority Mail International (only when packaging is Flat Rate Envelope or Small Flat Rate Box) which will print a single label at 4"x6" using the same printer as domestic labels. This change affects versions greater than

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