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Sharing Products between Companies and Divisions


Sharing Products between Divisions:

Tradepoint supports multiple Divisions within a Company or separate Companies each with a default or multiple Divisions.

A Company is defined as a legal entity defined for the purposes of commerce.

A Division is defined as an organizational entity that must have its own general ledger structure.

In Tradepoint, products are linked at the Division level not the company level. This means the process is different for sharing products between companies and sharing products between Divisions (for example a wholesale and retail division).

Products can be shared between Divisions and even on multiple websites easily by adding the Accounting rules to each Product and setting up the website preferences under web sites(found on the tool Tab).

For sharing the same products on multiple web sites the web site has to be setup(found under the web sites section on Tools tab) with the Warehouse specified.

Sharing Products between different Companies:

To share products between separate companies, products will have to be imported into to a company and then accounting rules assigned to each product by Division within each Company.

To enter in products to each company you will need to be logged into that company, use the import tool to import products and then assign the Accounting rules to Products as a whole within the Division of that company or assign them individually to each Product within Products.

To be able to import products into a Company a default warehouse must be setup for that company and respective default Division. A separate Warehouse may need to be setup by logging in to Tradepoint under each Company creating a Warehouse under each separate company. A warehouse can have the same contact/location information as used within other companies.

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