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Sharing data using Outlook Sync for Smart Devices


With a few settings you can synchronize your Tradepoint contacts, appointments and tasks with Outlook and your PDA, cell phone or other smart device using Microsoft Active Sync.

Before You Start

  1. Microsoft Outlook must be installed on your computer.
  2. To sync with a smart device, Microsoft Active Sync must be installed and configured on your computer.
  3. In Tradepoint, there is a new security setting called "Outlook Sync" under the Menu Bar heading on the Main tab. This must be enabled for users to access the Outlook Sync wizard.

Getting Started

  1. Open the Employees window and select your Employee record.
  2. On the Preferences tab, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Outlook Sync for Smart Device settings.
  3. Check the Enable Outlook Sync for Smart Devices checkbox.
  4. Select the desired options for Contacts, Appointments and Tasks.
    Note: Any data that is currently in Outlook will be imported if you have checked off the Import box under each heading.
  5. When the settings are configured you must logout of Tradepoint.
  6. Log back in to Tradepoint and goto File and you will see a new item called Synchronize to Outlook...
  7. Select Synchronize to Outlook...  and follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. When the Synchronize to Outlook Wizard is complete, you can connect your smart device and use Active Sync to synchronize the data to your device.

Continued Use

  1. When you need to update the data on your smart device, simply run the Synchronize to Outlook Wizard again and all of the recent changes will be synchronized.
  2. If you have changed an item on your smart device and want to import the changes to Tradepoint, first connect your smart device and run Active Sync to get the data off of your device. When Active Sync is complete, run the Synchronize to Outlook Wizard in Tradepoint and the latest changes will be imported.

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