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Tasks and Reminders


Within your Tasks will be displayed on an ongoing basis as they come due. The format Tasks will be displayed in is determined by the order you have customized your fields in. Below is a example of the Tasks section.

Tasks are arranged by Categories. The Categories that have been set within Tradepoint for your Categories will also carry over into Tasks and will be listed in the same fashion you see below.

 The highlighted fields at the top of the Flyout Panel will be the Template to how your information is displayed below in your listed Tasks.

Clicking the plus next to each Category will expand each topic and list each Task within that Category. Clicking the minus icon will also collapse each Category.

A new Task can be generated by clicking the 'New Task' icon and filling in the information for the New Task.

Highlighting a Task will give you the option to Edit and Delete an existing Task. When Tasks are not highlighted the option to create a 'New Task' and 'Print will be available.

Tasks can be arranged by Reminder as well. The top menu of the Tasks screen has a Quick Filter for you to choose how you would like your Tasks shown based on the attached Reminders. Below is a screen view of the drop down menu  built into the Quick Filter.

Clicking the Quick Filter will open the drop down menu for you to choose a filter to view your Tasks through. When you choose a filter all of the Tasks with that type of Reminder attached to it will be shown immediately.

The Filter can be adjusted any time you need to adjust it. The settings will remain until you change the filter type again.

An Advanced Search Tool is also integrated in to the Flyout Panel. Searching can be done with one or a combination of information entered into the fields shown in the screen view below.

Information in the Flyout Panel can be searched by any or a combination of information you see there.

To Search for a specific type of information in the Flyout Panel you need to have that Panel open. For example, to search for a Task or all Task created in a specific date range then you need to perform the Search from the Tasks Panel.

Enter in the information you would like to search for and click the Search icon below. Your results will appear in the Results tab. They can be viewed by clicking the Results tab just underneath the Quick Filter.

The small square icons just above the Search and Clear All icons are additional information types available to search on. Hovering your mouse over them will show the type of information to search on through each icon.

They include General(in the screen view), Categories, Attendees and Guests.


Tradepoint has a built in Reminders system so you can make the most of your internal communication. The primary benefit being to optimize internal communications without a plethora of emails and phone calls to set up a single meeting.

Reminders can be attached to Appointments, Tasks, Call Logs. To set a Reminder within any of those Action Items look for this icon at the bottom center part of the window.

Below is a screen view of Reminders as they are listed within the Flyout Panel.

Each Reminder will be listed as they come due in the chronological order they were created in. Highlighting any reminder will allow you to Edit, Delete and set a Reminder to Snooze.  Below is the pop-up menu for available choices for Snooze times you can attach to your Reminders.

When a Reminder is set to Snooze you will automatically be Reminded again at the specified time you set your Reminder to remind you again.

Double clicking on any Reminder will open the details of the Action Item the Reminder is attached to.

Reminders will also come due during the day as an Alert. When an Alert comes due you will see an icon pop up in the lower right hand corner. It will contain a live link that you can click on taking you directly to the details of the Reminder.

Each Alert will specify the type and number of Reminders.

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