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Tradepoint Licensing


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Tradepoint Licensing

Enterprise Software

Users and Workstations- Any users that require the ability to have theior own email address and/or calendar will require a license or seat. Each user can have a copy of the software on a laptop, desk top at the office and both of those would only constitute 1 seat.


Shared Profiles - If some employees  are working in a shared environment (for example-the warehouse for shipping and receiving), a login may be shared if there is no email address or calendar setup for each user. In these cases it is order entry and order fulfillment which is the focus of these profiles and there is no need to keep track of items like task, and appointments.


Ecommerce Licensing


Tradepoint supports one or more web sites sharing the same products and linked to the same company division can be managed from one Ecommerce license of Tradepoint. If a company has separate products linked to different companies then an additional license for each separate web site with unique products will be required.

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