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Tradepoint and SpamPal


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Spam is a growing problem that can account for up to 95% of all the e-mail that you receive. In an effort to control spam there are numerous spam filters on the market today. SpamPal is a freeware tool developed using the best of these spam filters. It will automatically tag emails that it thinks are spam with whatever prefix you wish to have it add to the Subject line. The default is "**Spam**" (without the quotes). If you change this setting SpamPal, make sure you update this information in all of your e-mail accounts in Tradepoint so that it can automatically move spam messages to the Junk Mail folder.

To download and install SpamPal, please go to to download the latest version and follow the instructions on the screen.

When installing SpamPal it will not set up any accounts. That's because it doesn't need to. It picks up the information from the settings that you enter in the e-mail account settings in Tradepoint. If you are using SpamPal you will need to modify you incoming e-mail settings as follows:

POP3 Server: LocalHost (if this doesn't work for whatever reason, use

Mail Login: <Mail Login>@<POP3 Mail Server> (e.g.


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