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UPS WorldShip Xml Auto Transfer Shipping Service Configuration


Requirements: An active UPS shipping account, and an active and fully configured WorldShip application.


Configuration Settings:
Allow Service to Schedule Shipments - Indicates if the service should attempt to schedule a shipment during fulfillment

Request Timeout Value - The number of seconds Tradepoint should wait for the WorldShip application to complete a scheduling request

Shipper Account Number - The UPS account number of the primary shipper
Default Currency Code - The currency code monetary amounts will be specified in



The UPS WorldShip Xml Auto Transfer shipping service supports creating shipment requests to be processed by the WorldShip application as part of Tradepoint360's fulfillment process. This shipping service does not support live rate requests, billing tables must be configured to provide applicable shipping rates.

For each workstation that will be completing fulfillments the location of the 'drop' folder must be configured by going to Terminal Settings -> Shipping Printer Settings -> Printer setting for UPS WorldShip Xml Auto Transfer. The full file path to the folder must be specified, absolute (c:\somefolder\) and UNC (\\sharename\sharefolder) are valid so long as the folder is accessible from the user's computer. This setting is workstation specific and is not syncronized between instances of the application, all other settings are shared between all instances.


The service works by creating a shipment request file and saving it to the drop folder. Worldship then processes this request file and writes a response file which is then read by Tradepoint. The response file contains the result of the request; on success the tracking number of the shipment or on failure the error message indicating what is wrong. When submitting error reports please include the complete response file containing the error message to assist in determining the issue.

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