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United Kingdom Postal Code Localization


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Tradepoint will automatically localize based on the country code set within Company Settings to automatically prompt for :

  • Correct formatting options for phone numbers
  • Corrct formatting for addresses inlcuding State/Province and Postal Code 

Even with the company settings in some cases of web based orders through a UK based web site, postal codes may still not prompt exactly according to coutry specifications due to browser settings on different computers and how they are configured.

For complete localization based on United Kingdom's postal code system you can set the default location in the web.config file so that everything will be forced to show up in UK and not the person's computer language.

Line 282 (globalization) allows you to set the culture and uiCulture. Both should be set  with en-GB to force to Great Britian. This will over ride any browser settings for users interacting with a UK web site.

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