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Using Kits


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In Tradepoint, a kit is a product that is comprised of other products that can also be sold separately in addition to being part of one or more kits. Costs and valuations of the products which comprise a kit will follow the products that are part of a kitted product in Tradepoint.

Kits can be sold without having all inventory of each item within a kit available. A matrixed item can also be a kitted item. The kit will have to be associated with the specific matrixed item.
Setting up a kit involves setting an Inventory type for a product and then specifying the products which are a part of the kit.


An Inventory type is set within the header fields of a product listing. Once an inventory type has been selected an icon will show up in the top tool bar that will say kit items.
Click on kit items to specify which items are a part of a kitted product. The example above is an outdoor patio set comprised of 4 chairs and 1 table.

When kitted items are ordered they will appear as standard products within an order. Inventory will show as being available when all the parts of a kit are available. Kitted products can be sold even if all the kit components are not in stock.

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