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How does Tradepoint handle users in different time zones


How does Tradepoint deal with users who are in different timezones?

All dates and times in Tradepoint are stored in UTC (Universal Time) in the database. Tradepoint automatically adjusts the date and time based on the Windows Regional Timezone setting of the computer when they are displayed.

I entered an appointment for a user in a different timezone. It is not showing up at the correct time in their appointment book. Why?

When entering an appointment for a user in a different timezone you must enter the appointment times according to your timezone. For example:

You want to schedule an appointment for another user for 10:00 AM their time.
You are located on the east coast. You are in the EST (-5) timezone.
The other user is on the west coast. They are in the PST (-8) timezone.
Therefore 10:00 AM PST = 1:00 PM EST

To enter the appointment correctly, you would enter 1:00 PM as the start time. When the other user views the appointment it will appear as 10:00 AM on their computer.

You are always working in the timezone that your computer is set to.

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