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Tradepoint offers a complete eCommerce website containing all the functionality you will need to maintain a cutting edge and powerful web solution.  The Tradepoint eCommerce website contains:

Knowledge Base Functionality

The online knowledge base allows people to view selected articles written inside Tradepoint. This functionality has many benefits:

1)      Some articles that are written within the companies KB can be great to drive miscellaneous traffic to your website, allowing your company to appear like an expert in your field.  A good example would be a dentist that writes an article about tooth decay and exposes it to the world via their Tradepoint website.  Now as visitors on the web search for information about tooth decay, the dentist’s site will automatically be discovered by those visitors.   Of course the dentist’s office will experience the financial and reputation rewards of their labour by the raised business awareness and traffic that has been created by their site.


2)       Another advantage of the Tradepoint Knowledge Base is that a company can post KB articles on their website that require specific user names and passwords.  The advantage of this is to allow visitors: staff, customers and whom ever they choose have access specific online information that is customized to them.  Some uses are:

a.       Staff can login and see online training manuals for example

b.      Customers will be able to login and see information regarding the specific products they have purchased

c.       Order tracking can be done through the knowledge base

d.      Even customized knowledge base management will allow you to drive more sales to your company by delivering specific content needed for each customer to close themselves on new products or features online

e.       Use your imagination


The is almost no limit to the power that can be utilized through Tradepoint's effective Knowledge Base management strategy.

Press Release Functionality

Tradepoint’s press release feature sets echo the most successful press release architecture on the web.   Completely capable of linking images, dynamic content and much more, this area acts as a powerful way for companies to communicate new product lines, services, announcements and crucial information.  Search engines and users love sites that are continually changing and updating themselves.  Creating new Knowledge base articles and Press Releases is a fantastic way to ensure your site will always be fresh and dynamic for existing customers and new visitors. 


Tradepoint press releases can even be ordered into categories, sub categories product types and more.  This allows visitors to quickly gain access to the specific areas they desire. 

Often press releases are what drive customers to purchase new devices or services from a company, therefore the Tradepoint press releases web functionality is a truly powerful tool for every business website; no site should be without one.

Complete Accounting, Inventory and Visa Transaction Clearing

Tradepoint does what no other accounting or ecommerce management tool does:  Completely integrate all of your accounting data, Inventory stock levels / locations, customer lists, product pricing and descriptions and every other area of your company.  

Integrated Back Door Functionality

Because of Tradepoint’s rTradepointary integrated architecture, the Tradepoint web server synchronizes directly with the other nodes within your company therefore there is no need for costly eCommerce backdoor creation and maintenance.  If your website has gone through the expense of creating an admin back door, than you have learned first hand how time consuming it can be to keep your site up to date.  Not only that, but every time you decide to add new functionality to your site, you also have to change the backdoor SQL management section of the site as well.  This often doubles the maintenance costs of any website, large or small.  Say goodbye with the old style “backdoor” website setup architecture and replace it completely with an integrated architecture that replaces the need for double entry, costly admin updates, and expensive development and update procedures. 

Complete Integrated Product Lists

Because of the above, gone is also the need to keep separate product lists: normally a product list is maintained for the company while a parallel list is found on the website.  Often an Excel or Access file acts as a middle layer that keeps the two in agreement, or a costly custom development is made to bridge the gap.  Because your company is now centralized through Tradepoint, Tradepoint can automatically update both sides for you.  Tradepoint can even pull a product off of the website as soon as the product is “sold out” or blow a certain level in stock; or, you can choose to allow Tradepoint to “backorder” any item you choose.  Product descriptions, pricings and even pictures are updated automatically when you update the product information in your Tradepoint software.  No need to go onto the website backdoor, replace files via FTP or change content separately in the SQL (or other) database.  Because Tradepoint even keeps track of what items each warehouse keeps in stock, when an eCommerce order comes in through Tradepoint, Tradepoint will even be able to ship any product from the nearest location to the customer and even decide what type of shipper to use based upon the size, dimensions, weight and priority of the shipment.


So how does this all work?

When you purchase Tradepoint ECommerce, we send you everything you need to host a basic website out of the box.  The site contains a series of aspx files: These files are what produces the graphic layout and look of your site, as well as link to the needed “dll” file that controls all of the complex and dynamic things that Tradepoint eCommerce does.   All that is needed to customize your “out of the box” Tradepoint site is a simple HTML editor like Dream Weaver, Front Page, Visual Studio or even note pad. With a basic knowledge of HTML you can edit, manipulate and easily update the most powerful eCommerce package on the web today. 


If preferred, we even have graphic talent on staff that can create any type of look and feel you may desire. Including company branding, logo creation, HTML design and any other area needed to create a world class cutting edge website design for you.


When it comes time to manage your website: Inside Tradepoint there is a complete “website management” section that allows you to create within (without any need for an admin backdoor) all of the “about us”, “contact us”, “homepage” content and any other web specific content required for your site.  All product data is automatically updated through the product management area of Tradepoint.  Tradepoint is truly simple to maintain for the HTML savvy individual.  The aspx files come complete with HTML remark statements that describe what every “dynamic” area of Tradepoint eCommerce does, and where it can be referenced within the Tradepoint eCommerce management program.

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