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Tradepoint Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Content Management System (CMS) Add-on

Tradepoint Ecommerce is the solution you need for a complete web store.  Tradepoint Ecommerce is an integrated shopping cart solution designed to integrate with Tradepoint Enterprise as the back end software management solution providing you with unpresidented ease of management from Inventory and Product pages, to full customer/reseller portal with order tracking to checkout and order fulfillment.

Tradepoint Ecommerce comes complete with shopping cart functionality, secure web portal for customers and contacts alike to mange their account information, integrated accounting built in for sales activities, product and pricing management tools to name a few features.  Tradepoint Ecommerce is an affordable and powerful solution to meet Ecommerce needs for companies in multiple industries.


Fully Integrated into Tradepoint Enterprise

Tradepoint ECommerce is fully integrated with Tradepoint Enterprise providing you an unprecendented solution that will allow you to run your entire business with one platform.   Tradepoint Enterprise provides a complete business management solution designed to improve performance and profitability by providing tools to manage every aspect of your business.

Streamline sales and manage your customers wiht our CRM solution integrated with multiple tool sets such as Projects, Accounting and Supply Side Management.



Product Listings

Products and product pages also include a set of tools to update the content of your Product pages. Quickly and easily update your Product listings with Tradepoint's Ecommerce solution and maintain the following key elements of your Product listings directly through Tradepoint's interface:

  • Short Descriptions
  • Long Descriptions
  • Pricing
  •  Product Availability
  • Specifications
  • Email request for information tool
  • Upselling tool for Related Products
  • Upselling tool for Accessories
  •  Downloadable documents
  •  SEO tools for keywords, page titles and page descriptions
  • Authorized Reviews
  •  Image Galleries

With Ecommerce becoming more of a staple for businesses being able to have an integrated tool for managing the content and SEO features of your website easily and from one interface is alo becoming just as important.

Collaborative Web Portal

Tradepoint  Tradepoint Ecommerce solutions encompass two groups of solutions. Collaborative web portals provide your company with the ability to collaborate through a website with clients, partners, resellers and 3rd parties without the shopping cart capability. 

A Collaborative web portal is integrated with your current website and will allow you to create logins through Tradepoint or through a registration form on your website with any group of contacts you have within Tradepoint. Your Member's Area will provide a menu of tools that you can collaborate on with various contacts on a variety of items including:

  • Documents
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Appointments
  • Messages
  • Account Information
  • Leads


Shopping Cart

The Tradepoint ECommerce shopping cart automatically stores all cart information in a cookie on your customer's machines, so if your customer leaves your site and then comes back later, their shopping cart information will automatically restore all of their last selections. This is just one example of how Tradepoint ECommerce makes purchasing goods from your website easy, intuitive and simple. 

The shopping cart can be saved for later and allows automatic web registration and one session check outs. 

Express checkout function provides a quick placement of the order in the web store where all required information is detailed on one screen.


Synchronization Technology

Our proprietary synchronization technology that sets Tradepoint apart from other software solutions also applies to our Ecommerce solutions.

Most integrated solutions out there force your entire company to run on one database which resides on one server.  This is not the case with Tradepoint.  Changes that you make within Tradepoint will post to the website as you synchronize.  You can make quick changes that will post in real time as you synchronize to numerous items including:

- Client/Account Information
- Documents
- Project Information
- Product Listings Images & Image Galleries
- Static Text
- Press Releases
- Price Lists & Automatic Discounts
- Knowledge Base Articles

Maintaining your website and content can now be done through Tradepoint directly and whenever you need to. A basic DSL connection is all you need for optimal performance with our Ecommerce solutions. Even if you do not have an internet connection at the moment then next time you do have an internet connection your changes will post right away as you synchronize.


Our security features within Tradepoint also extend to our ECommerce solution providing you with our triple 512K layered encryption technology for synchronization of data to your website as well as on your website directly providing your customers and partners the same level of encryption for sales transactions and collaboration through the web portal.

Every time you synchronize within Tradepoint your changes are pushed to the website as you synchronize. All data is compressed and then encrypted with the triple 512K layered encryption and sent through the back channels on the web to the node server to be pushed to your website and other machines in your company using Tradepoint and then decompressed to be viewable on your website and within Tradepoint to view and work with the latest data.

This provides an added layer of security for your financial and customer information that you won't find with most Ecommerce solutions. Further, Tradepoint's internal security profiles allow for specific information to only be viewable by profile and a single login so, your customers and partners only see their account information and no one else's. This unique combination of synchronization and security technology provide a winning combination for companies looking for rich functionality, easy managemability, and a level of security that will work continuously for you and and your website.

Just In Time Inventory

TradePoint can order new stock automatically when your warehouse is running low. So if your website bursts with orders in one day without you noticing, your stock can automatically stay ahead of the game and facilitate all of your orders automatically.

This feature can be turned on and off for specific products, product lines, or all together. Run your warehouse like a "Just in Time" warehouse without the hassle of inventory control problems.

Member Services

The member services area allows anyone (staff or public) to gain access to login specific data on your website.   This can include:

  • Complete order tracking
  •  Staff training
  • Custom knowledge base articles
  • Special announcements
  • Project collaboration Information
  • Downloadable files
  • Document sharing and uploading
  • Forums and discussions

When a customer logs into the member services area, Tradepoint automatically tracks their traffic, when they logged on, what they viewed or downloaded and when they left; this way your company can stay ahead of customer visitation statistics, team and staff collaboration, customer product education / inquiries and more.


Company settings within Tradepoint allow you to set the language preference/s for your website. Each page within the Static Text section will have options to have someone enter in the translation or to set the language preference.

Using "TradePoint World Ecommerce Edition", makes it possible to store individually priced items for each country and have localized product descriptions, information and articles specifically created for each country or language. The same multinational methodology is implemented all through the software therefore running a multinational corporation becomes a lingual breeze.

Easily Customize Your Web Site

With Tradepoint ECommerceyou will never need to access our complex relational database system yourself, our open API takes care off all of the 'dirty work' so high level customization is intuitive, quick and stable.

Customizing the source code of your website can be done with packages as robust as Visual Studio .net 2003 or as small as Dreamweaver or notepad. All .aspx files come complete with HTML remark statements that describe what every "dynamic" area of Tradepoint ECommerce, and where that functionality can be referenced within the Tradepoint Enterprise management system. Customizing your web site is simple and smooth.

Knowledge Base

TradePoint ECommerce comes with a full Knowledge Base tool set is available for internal use and external use through your website. Most businesses have important information that only select few staff know about. Capable creating articles including integrating images, dynamic content, site links, links to multiple product listings your knowledge base can be set so that your employees can view article internally or articles can be posted through your website publicly. This is ideal for tutorials, instructional guides, general information, and FAQs to name several examples. Knowledge base articles can be set for specific security profiles available on the web or for internal purposes as well ensuring total security for the articles you create.

Any Knowledge base article can be shared on your website. Given, the above example scenario is not the type of article you would make free to the public, however using this type of technology is extremely powerful for your ecommerce web strategy

Press Releases

TradePoint Press Relations functionality is designed to offer your company some of the most dynamic press relations architecture on the web. Completely capable of integrating images, dynamic content, site links and much more, this area acts as a powerful way for companies to communicate new product lines, services, announcements and crucial information. See the Press Relations section of our website for examples on how this can be used. Search engines and users love sites that are continually changing and updating themselves. Tradepoint's press release functionality also includes Search Engine Optimization Tools to maximize exposure with the search engines. Creating new Press Relations articles is a fantastic way to ensure your site will always be fresh and dynamic for existing customers and new visitors.

Tradepoint's press releases can easily be ordered into categoriesand sub-categories and add links to product pages all from the main setup page. This allows visitors to quickly gain access to your products and services directly from a press release.

Product Reviews

This is available for each product listing and is secure so you can send an invitation for a review and approve each review before it posts.

Custom Pages

Create unlimited content pages for extra sections to give more information about different topics and products at your discretion.

Related Products and Accessories

Tradepoint provides you with the ability to specify any number of related or accessory products.  This provides a great opportunity for upselling a customer.


Flexible options for products/categories with options for featured products. Products can belong to multiple categories.


Email and SMS alerts and notifications can be configured when there is a new order or a status change to an order/return as well as invenotry restocking alerts.

Real Time Inventory

As soon as a product is sold the backend inventory system is updated and alerts can be sent out when stock is getting low.

Forums and Blogs

Forums and blog discussions can be setup as part of the member's area. Customers, Partners and individuals who have registered on a website can participate in blogs through the member's area in a website.


Affiliate Management

The Affiliate Management tool allows companies to specify preferences for matrix structures and commission payouts with multiple options to maximize flexibility for web based affiliate management.

Track simple referral relationships as well as more complex affiliate relationships with sales commissions in a defined structure based on your preferences through Tradepoint. Your preferences define the affiliate structure and the type of commissions based on percentage or on a fixed amount. Web activity will flow through into each customer and referral account based on your preferences


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