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Tradepoint Enterprise, the next step in Business Management Software.

Tradepoint Enterprise is the first all-in-one software solution designed for businesses to meet the demands of an today's challenging business environment. Built with multiple functionality modules including Accounting, Contact Management, ERP, Inventory, Team Sharing, Email, Collaboration, Project Management and Human Resources, Tradepoint Enterprise brings together in one software application the latest in functionality with flexible tools for a software solution designed to enable growing businesses to succeed.

Tradepoint Enterprise is built using the latest in 'Smart Client' technology with a triple 512k data encryption giving your business an exceptional level of security with the best of the internet without being dependent on the internet. Our Smart Client technology allows for secure, flexible networking allowing for a minimum in hardware structures fora smaller faster network structure with flexible options for off-site users. 

Envision an environment where all of your business information is in one software solution. Envision an environment where Employees can fulfill their role using one application for all their responsibilities. Envision a solution where all Ecommerce activities are filtered into one solution without having to handle any double data entry or importing. Envision being able to process and track all your communication needs with only one software solution. Welcome to Tradepoint Enterprise, one solution for business. Your Business.

Integration: Many Businesses. One Solution.

As a completely integrated business management software Tradepoint Enterprise provides businesses with the tools to handle business processes from beginning to end, increasing  productivity and decreasing duplicity in actions and information. Since Tradepoint Enterprise includes multiple functionality modulesTradepoint Enterprise does not require advanced customizations and costly integrations to tie together multiple applications for one unified solution.

With Tradepoint Enterprise, the vast majority of business applications are already included in Tradepoint Enterprise as an out-of the box solution making Tradepoint Enterprise an easy to use solution that does not compromise functionality. Tradepoint Enterprise offers an affordable solution for your company to bring all operations into one solution.

  1. CRM/Contact Management module
  2. Accounting/Financial Management tools
  3. Company Settings/Support for multiple organizations under one roof
  4. Employee Settings to define the user experience
  5. Email Client: Stand Alone or Synchronization with Outlook including support for POP 3, IMAP and Exchange Server
  6. ERP/Supply Side Management for Product/Inventory Management, Warehousing, and Suppliers
  7. Reporting/Document Management including integrated email and export options into multiple file types
  8. Integrated Shipping Module supporting multiple commercial shippers <
  9. Integrated payment gateways supporting numerous payment gateways
  10. Point of Sale module for extending Tradepoint as an integrated Retail Solution

Flexible Networking Structure: Local Area Network or through the Internet

Most business software solutions are either web based or desktop based applications. Desktop driven applications can present challenges with information synchronization or easy access to information. Web driven applications can be slower depending on Internet connection with software elements having to download page by page in a browser.

Tradepoint Enterprise has brought together the best of both world with a fast, rich user interface that synchronizes business information to multiple users through the Internet without being dependent on the Internet. Taking this one step further is a triple 512k encryption level ensuring the security of information as it synchronizes through the Internet.

The result is a fast, secure software giving businesses flexible options for your company's networking structure.

  1. Users can connect through a Local Area Network or via the web through a remote connection
  2. Faster than most web based applications with graphics downloading in a browser
  3. Easily connect with remote users and locations. Process orders from a showroom or conference
  4. Triple 512k security encryption and data compression for safe, fast information synchronization
  5. Integrated Database Management tools for generating backups and optimizing performance

Graphical User Interface

Designed with the Microsoft Office interface for easy adoption and familiar usage, Tradepoint Enterprise's interface has an easily recognizable graphic interface. The tabbed ribbon-styled interface provides a streamlined user interface with in-depth functions. Right click options are integrated throughout Tradepoint Enterprise for easy definition of user preferences. Drag and drop tools are also present throughout Tradepoint for easy organization ofinformation in just a few clicks.

  1. Microsoft Office tabbed ribbon-styled interface
  2. Drag and drop tools for dashboards and throughout Tradepoint screens
  3. Right click tools throughout Tradepoint for easy actions
  4. One click tools for numerous functions (i.e. from a Quote to an Order)

Customization: Plug-ins & Extendable Architecture

Even though Tradepoint Enterprise includes a wide variety of integrated tools, companies with specific workflow needs our customization tools and extendable architecture makes addressing those needs easier than most traditional applications. Even if the needs are as simple as adding new fields or changing the field labels (often referred to as 'tags') these are changes that can be performed easily using our Developer Kit and SDK.

More advanced customizations and Plug-ins including creating new screens and functions integrated into your Tradepoint Enterprise and even to our Ecommerce technology can also be designed and integrated into Tradepoint Enterprise without losing the existing functionality already present within Tradepoint. Our updating technology allows for easy releasing of updates, functionality and new versions of Tradepoint to customers even though some of them may have advanced plug-ins.

  1. Developer Kit allows simple or complex customizations
  2. User Interface allows for small changes such as adding a field, as well as new screens and work flows
  3. Plug-ins also extend to Ecommerce solutions and your website via Tradepoint Enterprise's Ecommerce technology
  4. Fully documented code

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