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1.2.4 Company and Division Setup - Multiple Companies with Multiple Divisions


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This structure provides the ability to have completely separate companies with each of those companies having more than one Division.

This is ideal for numerous scenarios. Larger enterprises with wholly owned subsidiaries, divisions or multiple Ecommerce websites owned by a Company and structured as separate divisions within a company are a few common applications of this structure.

From the company screen in Tradepoint the view of multiple companies with more than one Division will appear similar to the image you see below.

Creating multiple companies is done with the 'New' icon in the lower left of the screen.

Highlighting one company and clicking on the 'New Division' icon will create more than one division structure within the highlighted Company.

This screen shows multiple companies listed on the left with the multiple Divisions of the highlighted Company on the right. Clicking on any of the other listed companies on the left will show one or more Divisions for that company.

Even though more than one Company is listed, the Divisions shown here are related to the highlighted company only. Clicking on any of the other listed companies on the left will  show one or more Divisions for that Company on this screen.

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