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1.3.2 Chart of Accounts - Tools to Generate your Chart of Accounts


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The Chart of Accounts is the basis for your Accounting structure within Tradepoint. There are three ways to set up your Chart of Accounts:

1.       Use one of our templates to create a Chart of Accounts

2.       Manually create a Chart of Accounts

3.       Import an existing Chart of Accounts from another application. Some software applications do not permit you from exporting your COA. Please check your software to make sure you can export it. If you are not able to export your existing structure then use option 1 or 2 for creating your COA.

Manually Create a Chart of Accounts

If you are generating your COA manually, then you can create new Accounts with these icons.

You will see that the icons lit up are the types of accounts you are able to create. For example if you have highlighted an existing root account you will only see the 'New Child Account' icon lit. If you have highlighted a child account then you will also see the option for creating a sibling account lit up as well.

The same holds true if you are creating a COA from scratch. Each type of account you are creating will only light up the next relevant icon.

When you start with the blank COA screen the only icon lit up should be the 'New Root Account' icon.

As you create your COA more icons will light up on the lower right to create multiple levels within your Chart of Accounts. Each of the fields within the Accounts is editable by clicking on them directly and the Tab key can be used for easier navigation.

Each Account will appear within your COA as its is generated. The Tab and Enter keys can be used to easily navigate the fields while entering the Account information.

Deleting Accounts can only be done through the Chart of Accounts section of Company Settings. Accounts can only be deleted one at a time and there is a double prompt before the account is deleted.

This structure supports an unlimited number of Account levels within a COA. 

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