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1.3 Your Employee Profile


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Establishing an Employee profile is the next step in setting up Tradepoint.

After you have signed in to Tradepoint follow the path below to get to a New Employee profile.

From the Home Tab  go to the Employees Icon. Click the New icon found in the lower left corner to open a new Employee Profile. the information that needs to be entered in to get Started quickly with Tradepoint includes; Contact Information, Security Settings, Email Settings, Availability, and Appointment Book Setup.

if you are looking to get started right away then, the remaining sections can be utilized at your convenience.

The window for a new Employee profile is shown below with the sections highlighted as an example.

The highlighted icons at the top of the page are the sections that need to be enabled to get started quickly. These are also the sections that will be discussed in further detail of the Quick Start Support in further articles listed.

The circled sections of the screen view are what is necessary to be filled out in the main Contact Information section.

Please note the name and address wizard you see circled at the top of the page need to be used to have the Employee profile track correctly when the Employee logs into Tradepoint.

Clicking in the Name or Address Wizard will open a window similar to the one you see below. When the contact information is filled out using the wizards then the Employee information will track the activity for this Employee throughout Tradepoint.

Correct name formatting is important for accurate activity tracking for each Employee profile. This will include sales and payroll.

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