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1.4.3 Sales Taxes and Company Contact Information


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Your Company Information is the basis of how Tradepoint established relationships and automates actions as they happen in Tradepoint. This is why something as simple as using the address wizard within Company Settings for your information is important.

As for Sales Taxes this means that the main company contact information in your Company Settings is how Tradepoint knows to charge which Sales Taxes, for what Products in which locations.

For example a Canadian Company selling products in the US through a website will only be charging Canadian Sales taxes to customers whose contact information is within Canada. Likewise, US based companies selling Products to Canada will only be charging US sales taxes based on the location of the customers based on their contact information.

Exceptions to this particular example will exist if the each of the companies has Divisions within the other country. So, if a US based company had a Division within Canada they would have to charge and account for all Canadian Sales Taxes and vice-versa.

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