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11.2.1 Applying Sales Taxes to Existing Products


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For Sales taxes to be applied in each relevant Order/Invoice each sales tax your company collects is setup within Company Settings and also applied to each product and service that is taxable.

Generally Sales Taxes have to be collected based on the location of your company and where you sell to. Please check with your Accountant for what sales taxes will be applicable to your company.

For example, if your business is located in New York State you will have to have the sales tax for New York at the minimum established in your Company Settings and also have that tax applied to each Product and service you are selling to customers in New York.

Getting to Sales Tax Settings within a company follows this path from the Home Tab.

Home---> Tools tab---> Company icon---> Divisions---> Double click on listed Division---> Sales Taxes

Once the Sales taxes are established in the Company Setting they will have to be attached to each product you have for sale in products.
This allows you to apply Sales Taxes to the Products which will have to have sales taxes collected on and allow others (usually non-Inventoried items and specific services depending on the industry) that may not require sales taxes to not have sales taxes or have only specific sales taxes applied to those Product and services.

Each product listed in Tradepoint can have one or more Accounting Rules and each Accounting rule will have Sales Taxes as a part of that rule.

This example shows only one Assigned Accounting and Taxation Rule present on the listed Product. Applying specific tax rules for a given Product can happen by clicking on the highlighted tax field to check off specific taxes.

Multiple sales taxes are supported within Tradepoint as well as the application to specific products and services. Sales taxes will then be applied to only orders and invoices where the respective postal and country codes are entered.

This allows companies who sell to more than one market to support VAT for the UK and Europe and GST for Canada as well as any relevant sales taxes for applicable states in the US.

As additional sales taxes are added to a Company they will also have to be added to each product to be calculated within orders and invoices.

If your sales taxes are not coming up in orders and invoices then check the following items;

  • Make sure the Product has the Sales tax checked off in the accounting rule for the Product.
  • Check the Sales Tax in the Company Information to make sure it has been marked as a national or provincial (state based) and has all the information as a part of the Sales Tax rule for the Company.
  • Postal Codes check to make sure the zip/postal code is formatted correctly in both the company profile information and in the contact where an order or invoice is listed.
  • If the zip/postal codes are not formatted correctly then sales taxes won't pick up properly in sales.

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