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13.12 Shopping Cart Functionality


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Shopping Cart Functionality within our Online Business Edition and our Online Business Edition Multi-Language Deluxe Edition includes all the capabilities you would expect from a world class Ecommerce module Including:

·         The ability to browse and add products while shopping on your website without having to register first. (Registration is done at the time of purchase)

·         The ability to compare similar Products offered on your website

·         A section for Featured Items

·         The ability to process the necessary Accounting and related Inventory processes on the back office end of your website automatically without you having to use another software application to push/pull data into Tradepoint. Our web modules process these actions  automatically.

·         An Integrated Shipping Module providing real time shipping information with over a dozen shipping services.

·         Credit Card merchant clearing.

·         Credit Card merchant clearing for multiple currencies with the Deluxe Multi-National Edition.

·         Password login-specific features and information delivery for each of your customers. Their profile will also allow them to manage their account, view purchase history and make additional purchases later just by logging in.

Once your web module has been assembled for you. Managing the specifics for each of your Products and the related shopping cart functionality is done through the Products section within Tradepoint.

Accounting and Inventory management functionality within the shopping cart is managed through the Accounting functionality tools within Products. Below is a screen view of the Products tool bar highlighting the relevant icons.

A screen view of the Setup screen illustrates how you manage the parameters of the functionality of your shopping cart.

The model number and any Category and sub-category will be associated with your product as it is visible on the website. Similar products will be associated through the Categories and sub categories. An example would be a pair of shoes that is available in multiple sizes and colors. Each of those Products would have a listing within Products and be associated with the same type of Product.

On your website this simply allows a customer to scroll through the different sizes and colors of one kind of shoe.

Pricing and Purchasing- The functionality here allows for easy management internally and for what is visible on your website. For example, when you check the box for 'Add to Customer's Products Owned Upon Sale' that Product will be viewable internally within the CRM side of Tradepoint and will also be viewable to the Customer that purchased it through the customer Portal on the web.

Availability- Having a Product availability will allow that Product to be available internally and through your website. We recommend leaving the Discontinued date open unless you know for sure when a Product will no longer be available.

Once the date passes for a Product to be unavailable it will no longer be listed on your website. A product history will be kept within Tradepoint for any discontinued Products.

Assigned Accounting and Taxation Rules- When each of the relevant Accounting rules is applied to a Product the Accounting happens automatically every time this Product is purchased through your website. Any taxes specific by location of the purchase will automatically be included in the purchase through your website and will be visible to your customers at the time of purchase.

Any changes made on this page will automatically be saved.

Since each of our web modules are assembled and integrated with your current website at the time of purchase we can take into account the finer details of your web functionality such as appearance, icons, interactive tools, newsletters, forms and more.

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