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2.19 Statuses


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Each Category has a related Status. Each Category can have the same statuses or different ones. You can also have generic Statuses and specific Statuses for each Category. Statuses can be as simple and general as 'Active' and 'Inactive' in relation to each Category you have created or they can be specific such as some of the examples you see below from different industry types:


Typically when a Category is created you will be prompted at that time to create a New Status. The following screen views shows the new category that has been created.

The expandable tree is shown above with more than one level of status highlighted under customers.

In the lower left hand corner of the main Setup & Configure Tool you will see the New Status icon.  Clicking this will open the window so you can create one or more Statuses for this New Category you see above in the Name field in the screen view.

When a Category is being setup the ability to set up a Status will automatically show once the New Category is opening in the Setup & Configure Tool. Once the Status is setup it will appear once the Setup & Configure Tool is closed. The example below is what will appear as a Status is created in relation to a Customer Category.

Notice the Short Name Field just below the Name field. The short name will be what shows Advanced Search Tool when a search is done for any Customers by name, category, etc.

The Short Name of the statuses you create will follow each contact file(Lead, Customer, Reseller etc.) in the small column next to the Name of a Contact in the Advanced Search Tool. So, your short name should be recognizable to have an idea of the Status of a contact from a glance.

The check boxes below the Short Name will automatically perform the specified function when this Status is associated with a Category. Simply check off which ones, if any you would like associated with your Status.

Event Management parameters can also be specified by assigning a New Appointment, Task, Call or Email to this Task in the lower right hand corner.

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