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Create a Shortcut for a Document


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Creating a Shortcut for a Document – This option will create a shortcut which will appear as a document within a contact, appointment, etc. throughout Tradepoint.

The Main difference with the Create a Shortcut option is this will reference an existing document which has already been created or uploaded within Tradepoint.

Steps for Creating a Shortcut to a document include:

1. Choose the option to create a shortcut to a Document.
2. A drop down menu will open by clicking on the search option to the right of the highlighted field.
3. Choose the document to create a shortcut for. The drop down menu will appear similar to the image below.

4. Set security permissions for the referenced document which will have a short cut for.
5. Save the document.

The shotcut will appear as a document within a contact in Tradepoint.

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