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Document Revisions


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Revising a document allows the revision of a document within Tradepoint without having to add/upload or create a separate document to Tradepoint.
Steps to revise an existing document within Tradepoint include:

1. Highlight the document to be revised.
2. Choose the Revise Document option.

3. Choose if the revisions will be made from the highlighted document or if the revised document will be imported from the computer Tradepoint is on.
4. If the option to revised the highlighted document is chosen follow the remaining steps.
5. Choose the Create Revision from Current Document option.
6. The document will open. Make any revisions and save the document.
7. Exit the Office application.
8. Once the application has been existed then the saved document will appear as an elbowed option with any revisions time/date stamped under the previous document.

If the option to import the revised document has been chosen follow the remaining steps as picked up after step #3 from above:

1. From the option to Import a Document Revision option the highlighted document will be opened.
2. Make any revisions to the document and save changes.
3. Once the application has been edited the revised document will appear as an elbowed option under the previous document.

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