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Document Security


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There are two levels to security within Tradepoint for Document Management.

1. Accessibility for Document used within Tradepoint and/or shared through a web site.
2. Accessibility for different profiles of users within a company using Tradepoint.

The combination of these two levels of document security provide a fine level of detail for document use and accessibility for all documents used within Tradepoint.
The first level of document security will allow different profiles to access a specific document. These are specified for each document created, scanned or uploaded into Tradepoint.

The Web Access highlighted shows which contact profiles will be able to see this document through a web site. Steps for creating those Web Access profiles are outlined below.

The Local Access profiles highlighted show the security profiles of users within Tradepoint (these are applied to company Employees and referred to as internal users). Security options for the internal users are outlined below.

The steps to create Web Access profiles for documents are outlined below:

1. Click on the Setup & Configure tool (found by clicking on the cube icon in the upper left corner and choosing the setup & Configure tool icon at the bottom of the menu.
2. Click on the Contacts icon in the ribbon tool bar at the top of the page when the Setup & Configure Tool opens.
3. Choose the Contact personnel option at the top of the list of options on the left once Contacts are chosen.
4. Expand the Contact personnel option by clicking on the + sign next to Contact Personnel.
5. Click on Web Access Security once to highlight the option and click on the ‘New Security Setting’ icon to create a New Web Security Profile. The menu will look like the image below.

6. Options for the Web Access Security profile are available with the check box options at highlighted at the bottom.
7. When finished creating the new Web Access Security Profile Click the “X” in the upper right corner of the Setup & Configure Tool. The new profile will be saved automatically and will appear within the next new document created within Tradepoint.

Accessibility options for existing security profiles within Tradepoint are outlined below:

1. To access internal security profiles click on Security from the Tools tab. (Security profiles must be created first and the user must have access to the security profiles)
2. Since internal security access can be controlled based on each specific location a user within Tradepoint has access to we are going to use documents available within Customers for the Regional Sales Manager profile for this example.
3. Choose the profile to modify security access to (in this case Regional Sales Manager is the existing profile we are using)
4. Click on Customers within the security profile (in this case the Regional Sales manager profile).
5. Scroll down the screen until the option for document security is visible. The screen you will see will look like the one below with the documents options highlighted.

The options highlighted above are available throughout Tradepoint to enable security access for users within Tradepoint. Options for document access include:

1. The ability to view the Documents icon within a given location (in this example customers).
2. The ability to Add a Document.
3. The ability to Remove/Delete a document.
4. The ability to change/edit a document.
5. The ability to make revisions on an existing document.
6. The ability to Save a document.

Options that have been checked off are enabled while options that are NOT checked off will not be enabled for the security profile. For example, if users are not going to have the ability to delete documents then do not check off the option to Remove documents.

Once these have been specified for a specific area within a security profile the user assigned to a security profile will have access to use documents within the given Parameters.

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