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Tradepoint shows it is Synchronizing but there are no progress bars after several minutes


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When Tradepoint is synchronizing data with the master server the synchronization progress bar is visible on the right hand side of the status bar. There will be times when the synchronization process appears to have stopped. In most cases this occurs when there is a large amount of data to synchronize. The best action is to let the program continue to synchronize. It may take several minutes to synchronize the data it is currently processing before the next piece of the progress bar appears. If the synchronization process has failed, a synchronization error will be reported.


Why does this happen?

During a synchronization there may be times when nothing appears to be happening, both in the synchronization progress bar and when checking the activity of your internet/network connection. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The progress bar shows the total percentage of the database tables that have been synchronized. Each piece of the progress bar represents a group of 5 - 10 tables. If there are a large number of records that need to be synchronized in a group of tables it may take several minutes for the next piece of the progress bar to appear.
  2. If you check your internet/network connection during the synchronization process there may be times when there is no activity. This is due to the way Tradepoint synchronizes large numbers of records. When there are a large number of records to synchronize, the records are transferred in smaller groups. Each of these groups of records is processed before retrieving the next group. During this period, when the records are being processed, there is no network activity.

If the synchronization appears to have stopped, you can check which table it is working on by placing the mouse pointer over top of the progress bar. In most cases you will notice that it is working on a table that you or your colleagues have been entering a lot of data into.

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